US Open Finalist Victoria Azarenka Got the Traggic Custody Battle of Her Son


The number one Us open finalist Victoria Azarenka took has been taking part in her first Grand Slam Appearance since 2013.  It happened after being forced to withdraw from tournaments amid a bitter custody battle over her son.

The women’s tennis world number one took away from tennis because she was near to give birth to her son Leo in December 2016. After a lengthy custody battle, she split from his father, Billy McKeague, in August 2017.

Victoria was forced to withdraw from the remaining tournaments that year and explained in April 2018, “ I wouldn’t wish that on anybody to go through what I’ve been going through.”

According to reports, she won the custody battle and lived with her son during the lockdown and the WTA tour’s subsequent suspension. Billy McKeague is the son of Chase McKeague and Lynn McKeague and lives in St Louis. He got an education at the University of Missouri and got a job as a golf pro in Hawaii. At the same place, he met Victoria.

They started dating before Victoria bought a home in Manhatten Beach, California, where they moved in. In December 2016, her son was born, and they split after Wimbledon in 2017.

billy mckeague

Victoria separated from her boyfriend, Billy McKeague. She overtakes the custody of her son in August. Billy and Victoria were not happy with custody terms and became trapped in a bitter custody battle during proceedings in 2017.

It was ruled that she could not take her son out of California because of non-American. Therefore, she selected to withdraw from the tournaments so that she could spend time with Leo.

She gave a statement, “ As we are working on some of the legal processes. I can only play in the US Open this year. On the outside, I am not willing to do because Leo could not go with him.”

Victoria Azarenka won the early round of US custody at the beginning of 2018.
After that, La judged ruling that the case should take place in Belarus rather than Los Angeles.

billy mckeague

The father of Leo and tennis player split in 2017. after the bitter custody battle for several years. Victoria Azarenka said, ” I would not wish that on anybody to go through what I have been going through. It’s a part of life and blessings in this situation for me. I’m free now, but no doubt it’s really a difficult situation and hard to focus on playing tennis.

Furthermore, she also said that I would write a book One day because it’s worth it for sure. At this time, I just want to keep it a little bit private. I am 28 years old now, but it’s not a great part of my life. But that’s a part of life, so I am okay with it because I am still young.

billy mckeague

Moreover, once she explained that she has found her son during this time and has a competitive streak. Furthermore, Victoria said he always wants to win everything, but it’s impossible to play with him if he does not win.

It’s a challenging thing for me because I like to win. She went on the joke and drove her little crazy to pretend that she is losing to him all the time.

billy mckeague

Victoria ranked among 27th in the world and feels mentally prepared ahead of the US Open final today. Furthermore, she also revealed that mentally I am in a different place, and seven years ago, I won the AustralianOpen and playing consistently with good results. It was expected for me to be in the final.

I don’t think that was the case this year. It feels more fun this year, more pleasant for me, and feels nicer. The mother of one hailed the women competing on the WTA tour, also juggling motherhood in which her semi-final opponent Serena Williams included.

billy mckeague

billy mckeague

Her Instagram page is full of snaps with her young son. Furthermore, she enjoys motherhood at the pool together. But identifying myself or other players as mothers, that’s not the only thing that we are. We are also tennis players and also women who have dreams, goals, and passions.

My life started when I became a mother. I think to see that rise of women being able to fulfill their dreams and balancing motherhood, and I think they are all heroes.

I really appreciate all of them and hope this continues to go on. A society where women are inspired to do what they love to do and go after what they want.

billy mckeague

Victoria came back from a one-set deficit to topple a 23 time Grand Slam winner and fellow mother Serena William to win the US Open’s semi-final. Her coach was so confident of the US Open final and saying that she is in top form and ready to go the distance in her first Grand Slam final in seven years.

Delacroix said, “ Physically, she is ready and to be honest. She worked a lot in the last few months. She worked on her fitness day and night, even though she did the long sessions on the court, now she is ready.”

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