Understanding The Rolex Range Of Watches

Understanding The Rolex Range

Rolex has for a long time, and likely will likely be for time to come, the biggest and most well-known luxury watch brand there is. People who have never owned a mechanical wristwatch still know the name Rolex as though they had grown up with it.

That all said, how much does the average person know about the range of Rolex watches? In this article, we will go over the most well-known of the range to better understand the watches that Rolex has to offer. Whether you are trying to decide on your first Rolex or just interested in the brand, this information is for you.

Oyster Perpetual

1931 saw the first introduction of the already existing Oyster series with the perpetual movement, perpetual in this case means self-winding. The Oyster Perpetual is currently the longest running watch available in Rolex’s range. This is often considered as the entry level watch in the range as it is only available in stainless steel and does not have any complications. The Oyster Perpetual can still be personalized with a wide range of sizes and dials.


Introduced in 1945, the Datejust was the first wristwatch to display the date as a complication window on the dial. While the date complication may be irrelevant to some, the sheer range and price point lead to the Datejust being Rolex’s best-selling watch to date.


Released in 1956, the Day-Date was Rolex’s most prestigious watch at the time. Garnering the nickname “president” as the new three link bracelet was named the president and the watch took a lot of interest by the then US president. The Day-Date had a separate windows for the current date and the day of the week. Perhaps the biggest party piece of the Day-Date is that it was only made using precious metals, this made the Day-Date the “must have” watch for anybody who considered themselves to be important.


The best-known dive watch in the world is undoubtably the Rolex Submariner. Upon release in 1953 the Submariner was the first watch capable of diving to 100m and had a bezel built for divers needing to track time underwater.

Later in the years, Rolex introduced a date complication for the submariner as well, both still being available from Rolex today. The Sea-dweller and Deepsea can also be noted under Rolex’s dive watches, although they are a lot more specialized in the diving field and likely of no additional practical use to a normal buyer.

GMT Master And GMT Master 2

First introduced in the 1950s for pilots, the GMT Master 2 has a special trick up its sleeve. On the face of it, the watch may seem like an ordinary Rolex day-date with the addition of a 24-hour bezel. On closer inspection, you will see a 4th hand on the watch. The Rolex GMT Master 2 has a separate hour hand which runs on the 24-hour bezel for quick adjustments. This allows pilots to quickly adjust their watches and have the current time and day night cycle for two separate time zones.

Other Models

There are a few models not mentioned in the above like the Daytona, sky-dweller, Cellini, and the Explorer. The above, however, should be a good entry point to understanding the amazing watches available in the Rolex range. No matter the Rolex you choose to buy with your real money Bingo wins or other money, it is guaranteed to be a fantastic watch.

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