Know the Benefits and Types of Health Insurance Plans

Are you looking for a feasible way to find the best insurance companies and get a reliable health insurance plan? If you are located in the UAE then let us help you to track the most trustworthy health insurance companies in Dubai.

Before going ahead to find out about the acclaimed insurance companies, let’s discuss some significant information about health insurance. 

Why Do You Need Health Insurance?

Health Insurance

There’s no doubt that insurance always saves the insured person from unwanted high-cost bills and unexpected losses. 

Likewise, the medical health insurance makes sure that you don’t have to pay unexpected medical costs. When you get insured and have a health coverage plan then you can get free treatment from any hospital. 

This means that the insured person pays quite less for covered health care treatments. For sure, health insurance lets you get free medication and treatment. You can also get on-time preventive care without paying any medical fee. 

No matter where you live, if you don’t include health insurance in your financial planning then you’ll surely be at loss. There are several reasons for which you must get health insurance coverage. You can’t really deny that in the current era, everything including the medical costs are constantly rising. Day by day, it is becoming more and more difficult to cater to even your own everyday needs. In such a situation, only a secured health insurance plan can be your lifetime saver. When you are insured, you don’t have to worry about OPD, mainstream, or diagnostic test billing. The insurance company provides you timely coverage and pays your bills from the up front premium that you have submitted to them. 

How Health Insurance Works?

how health insurance work

Health care coverage is like any other insurance. You get an insurance plan which requires you to pay a specified amount on a monthly basis and in return, the insurance company covers your bills when you get injured, fall ill, or need to go to the hospital for check up. 

Take in account that there’s a variety of insurance plans each of which covers only a specified amount of your hospital bills. Have a look below for further details:

  • Platinum Insurance Plans requires you to pay only 10% whereas the rest of 90% is paid by the company 
  • Gold Insurance Plans requires you to pay only 20% whereas the rest of 80% is paid by the company 
  • Silver Insurance Plans requires you to pay only 30% whereas the rest of 70% is paid by the company 
  • Bronze Insurance Plans requires you to pay only 40% whereas the rest of 60% is paid by the company 

Moreover, you must know that the health insurance company provides coverage for only those treatments which are included in the insurance plan you buy. You can choose a plan which you find best-suitable to meet your needs. For instance, if you have a family to feed then a family insurance plan with all basic health care coverages would be a best fit for you.

When you connect with a health care insurance company, they look into your age, health history, city of residence, and other important factors to determine the premiums you are required to pay to get insured. 

When Can You Get Health Insurance?

You might be surprised to know that there’s no age or time limit when it comes to getting insured. Anyhow, there’s one thing for sure that you should get a health insurance policy as soon as possible. The earlier you get insured, the easier it becomes to avoid extra premium charges. 

If your medical expenses are not backed by a secure health insurance plan then we highly recommend you to look for a well-recognized health insurance company in your region to get insured right away. 

Now’s the time to know about the acclaimed health insurance companies so that you can compare their medical policies in real-time. 

Best Health Insurance Companies in Dubai

There are certain ways for finding the best insurance companies which let you choose from the individual, family, and group health coverage plans as per your needs. 

As for now, our primary focus is to tell you about the best health insurance companies which have years of experience in security health care expenses in UAE. You can easily find the best insurance companies in Dubai if you look up health directories. Anyhow, if you don’t want this hassle then no worries. Whether you need to get dental, maternity, optical, or overall health insurance, stay put as we are going to tell you about the best insurance companies which can effectively cover all of your health care expenses. 

We have shortlisted some of the well-recognized health insurance companies which successfully provide health care coverage plans in UAE. 

Our top 10 picks for the best insurance companies in Dubai include:

  • MetLife Alico 
  • Integra Global 
  • Oman Insurance Company & Bupa Global
  • National Life & General Insurance (NLGI)
  • Salama Islamic Arab Insurance Co. (P.S.C.)
  • Integra Global (Salama Islamic Arab Insurance Co)
  • Orient Insurance P.J.S.C
  • National Health Insurance Co (Daman)
  • Noor Takaful
  • Takaful Emarat

All of these insurance companies offer a variety of reliable health coverage plans to make sure that you never have to worry about paying your hospital bills in uneven times. 


Get a safe, secure, and reliable health insurance plan to make sure that your medical expenses are covered with ease. Connect with the best insurance companies to get insured and let them pay for your hospital bills while you get treated without any financial worries. In case you are a resident of UAE then you can get the most beneficial health care insurance plans from MetLife Alico, Integra Global, Oman Insurance Company & Bupa Global, National Life & General Insurance (NLGI), Salama Islamic Arab Insurance Co. (P.S.C.), Integra Global (Salama Islamic Arab Insurance Co), Orient Insurance P.J.S.C, National Health Insurance Co (Daman), Noor Takaful, and Takaful Emarat. Thoroughly check and compare their policies and plans before getting insured. 

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