Types Of Coffee You Should Know: The Complete Guide

It is totally normal not to know all types of coffee since there are many ways to prepare this delicious drink. If you want to become a coffee expert, take note of the 27 most popular types of coffee that you will find all over the world  www.coffee-prices.com. From now on, you can choose the one you like the most from a huge variety. From eraofwe “coffee forum” we encourage you to create and taste all types of coffee; in our online store we offer you a wide variety of coffee, so you can experience yourself from home and learn to brew a coffee.

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Coffee Types

Coffee Only Or Espresso

We start with the simplest variety of coffee that exists and one of the most preferred. The only coffee is also known as Espresso due to its Italian origins and the way of extraction. This type of coffee is very quick to prepare, you only need to pressure filter 30 ml of boiling water through the ground coffee beans, for about 20 or 25 seconds. In this type of coffee, it is very important to use a quality bean, to obtain an authentic and harmonious flavor.

Short Or Crisp Coffee

Short coffee is the same as plain coffee, with the only difference being its size. This infusion contains only 15 ml of drink, which can be perfectly taken in a single sip. It is obtained by filtering boiling water through the ground coffee for approximately 15 to 20 seconds.

Double Espresso

Another variant of the single coffee, but longer, is the double espresso, which, as its name suggests, takes twice as much coffee. It is prepared with 60 ml of water and its preparation usually takes about 30 seconds or so.

Long Or Long Coffee

Long coffee contains approximately 50 to 60 ml of liquid. It is very similar to double espresso with two major differences, the brewing time and the amount of ground coffee used. The preparation time is around one minute and a smaller portion of coffee is used, so the taste is very different from the previous one. A milder flavor is obtained, but at the same time more bitter, since by leaving the water for a longer time, it is possible to extract a greater amount of components, which are what give it that harsh touch.


American coffee differs from other plain coffee drinks because hot water is added in the same amount as the coffee infusion. As you can imagine, this coffee is the smoothest of all single coffees.

Arabic Coffee

Finally, Arabic coffee is one of the most special within the variety of single coffees. In the Arab countries it is customary to season all dishes and the most popular drink was not going to be less. To prepare this type of coffee, spices such as ground cardamom, cinnamon or even saffron are usually added. If you like surprising and exotic flavors, we advise you to try this type of coffee.

Coffee With Milk Or Coffee Latte

Coffee with milk is usually served in a large cup of about 200 ml. The measures to prepare this pleasant drink are half coffee and half milk. In many cafeterias, the milk foam is used to decorate the end of the cup, thus achieving a balanced and very appetizing drink.

Cut Coffee

The cut coffee is prepared with a single coffee and a little milk, the mixture is usually 2/3 of coffee and 1/3 of milk. The milk is usually poured vaporized to get that delicious foam that characterizes this drink. This type of coffee is very common in Spain. But you should know that it is not one of the most known varieties worldwide, in fact, in many Anglo-Saxon countries or in central Europe, they will not know what you are asking for.


This variety is sure to ring a bell too, since it is very characteristic of our country. In this case, we substitute whole milk for condensed milk, providing density and a very sweet flavor. When we pour the condensed milk, it stays at the bottom and the coffee stays at the top, generating two very distinguishable layers.


Another one of the favorite coffees for lovers of good coffee and baristas from all over the world. Its delicious flavor and the cream that is created on the surface, it is a perfect canvas to practice the Art of Latte. The appropriate proportions in the cup would be 1/3 of black coffee, 1/3 of milk and 1/3 of heavy cream. In some places, it may also have a pinch of cocoa or cinnamon.

Latte Machiatto Caramel

This coffee would be the same as the previous one, adding a layer of caramel on the surface. With this detail we get an exquisite flavor.

Hawaiian Coffee

If you order a Hawaiian coffee drink you will get a coffee with milk, but coconut. Normal milk is substituted for coconut milk. Are you up for it?


With demonization of Spanish origin, this coffee is an espresso with a splash of a high-proof alcoholic beverage. Usually brandy, rum or marc.

Brule Coffee

It is a variation of the carajillo. It is composed of an espresso only accompanied by burnt brandy with lemon peel.


In this case, the coffee will be accompanied only by rum, brown sugar and vanilla.

After reading all the descriptions of these types of coffee, surely you want to try more than one that you did not know.

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