Tried And Tested Tricks To Mix And Match Wardrobe Pieces

Finding something to wear all the time can be a challenge, especially if you need to dress up every day for different occasions. It is hard to look stylish if you already wore every piece of clothing in your wardrobe multiple times. While it is ideal for shopping for new clothes every week, it is very impractical and can put a dent in your pocket.

It is the same problem encountered by the fashion designer behind the Charlo clothing brand from New Zealand. Designer Kelly Coe found her closet lacking fashionable pieces that she can comfortably wear.

While you cannot develop a fashion line like Coe, you can still expand your wardrobe options without buying new clothes all the time. You only need to mix and match key pieces to update your look.

Here are practical mix and match tips you can do with key wardrobe pieces. 

Spend Time To Try Out All Your Clothes

If you are unsure about your matching skills in the fashion department, you must allocate some time from your hectic schedule to know which pieces work well with each other. To create pleasant and eye-catching outfits, you need to assess all the items in your closet then start playing around to know which combination works. This process may take a huge chunk of your time, but it will help you achieve several options that you can use alternately to avoid fashion rut.

Let Your Creative Juices Flow

You need to be creative to come up with the best fashion combos. It means that you need more than putting together a pair of pants and blouse to come up with an attractive outfit. You must elevate your style by combining a solid-coloured piece with something that comes in bold or bright prints.

For example, your favourite sheath dress will look more interesting if you put on a floral cardigan on top of it. You may also turn your usual neutral office attire into something that you can wear during a romantic dinner by putting on a cute cape. Your options are unlimited if you know how to be creative even if you have no proper knowledge about fashion designing.

Invest In Essential Pieces

You will never run out of ideas in mixing and matching your wardrobe if you own some fashion staples. Shopping for key items like basic black or white blouses, jackets, cardigans, or skirts is the most practical way to stay on top of the fashion game.

By using these essential pieces as your base, you can match with fun and flirty pieces to upgrade your look. The designer of Charlo clothing suggested that you can match a regular blouse with an asymmetrical skirt in fun prints, or look for a floral shirt to match with your old denim jeans for a basic but fun feminine look. By investing in these pieces, buying new clothes all the time is no longer necessary.

After coming up with ways to mix and match outfits by trying out these tips, you can take a pic of your successful matches. It will let you remember every combination that you loved. Browse through these photos each time you run out of ideas on what to wear for different occasions. Thus, you can present different looks without the need to spend thousands of dollars on clothes shopping.

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