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Tory Lanez is a famous singer, rapper, songwriter, and producer who was born on 27 July 1992. He was one of the fourth children of Sunstar Peterson and Luella. After Tory, the family moved to Florida, where he became obsessed with rap music. He began rapping when he was a kid.

At the age of 11, his mother passed away because of a major blow to Tory because of a rare disease. Well, his father took his responsibility, and he also traveled with his father across the US.

When the family was settled in Georgia, he continued to rap. He met a man named Hakeem, who also gave him the title “Tory Lanez.” Well, another setback for Tory was the father’s second marriage.

Tory moved to New York in 2006, but he was devastated and came back to Toronto, where he lived with his grandmother. But again, his grandmother also refused to take him, and he was homeless at the age of 15.

Tory Lanez Personal Details

Tory Lanez

 Tory Lanez  Full Name Daystar Peterson
 Tory Lanez Date of Birth 27 July 1992
 Tory Lanez  Age 29 years old
 Tory Lanez Birthplace Toronto, Canada
 Tory Lanez  Profession Rapper, Singer, Songwriter, Producer
 Tory Lanez  Height 5’7”
 Tory Lanez Weight 68
 Tory Lanez Husband/Spouse Single
 Tory Lanez Shoe Size Not Known
 Tory Lanez Net Worth $2 million


Tory Lanez

Tory recorded his mixtape T.L. 2 T.O. and used Youtube as a platform to show his rapping skills to the world. He heard freestyling on the sing Beamer, Bentley by Lloyd Banks and Benz.

Tory released four mixtapes in 2010 in which Just Landed, Playing for Keeps. Mr 1 verse Killah and One Verse One Hearse are included.

In the forthcoming years, he released many others songs. once, he began a series where he released many new singles every Friday, and that series name was ” Fargo Fridays.”

One of his albums, ” I Told You,” was released in August 2016 and included on the U.S. Billboard Hot 200 Chart.

Net worth

The estimated net worth of Tory Lanez is $2million.

Personal Life

Tory Lanez dated Trina from 2014 to 2015. He also was involved in a complicated relationship with Canadian rapper Drake. In 2010, he said if he did not like his songs, he would pay $10,000 to him. Drake never responded and once made a song with the name “ All you boys in the Toronto want to be me a little.”


Tory Lanez was nominated for Best R & B Song for “ Luv” in 2017 and received many Juno Award nominations too. One of the best was “ Feel it too” in 2020.Tory Lanez

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