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Many people often misunderstand torrents. They provide the fastest and most reliable way of distributing large files across the internet. Unfortunately, since torrenting is a wonderful and free file-sharing mechanism, it was embraced quickly by the pirate community. The latter took copyright media files and distributed them quickly across the web to gain profit. So, torrenting was immediately associated with piracy.

Most businesses lack the facility of enjoying good bandwidth, which is why they might face difficulties when they need to download larger file sizes. So, torrenting is an excellent alternative for downloading larger files directly.

How could businesses profit from torrenting?

The file-sharing mechanism has to be used for what it does, share big files fast and easily. It could even be embraced to study media consumer trends and thus gain better exposure.

Serve as an alternative update/download method

End-users without access to a great bandwidth can have several difficulties downloading large files. Big companies such as Blizzard Entertainment have made use of BitTorrent to distribute their updates and patches for their Diablo III and World of Warcraft games.

Distribute lots of data & distribute heavy files

This is exactly what torrents do, fast and easy distribution of large files. Twitter and Facebook publicly stated that they use BitTorrent technology internally for pushing and distributing server updates. Their updated files are not too large. They have several servers, so they used BitTorrent to distribute efficiently without worrying about slow internet speed or transfer failures. For example, the Florida State University (FSU) has even used the protocol for distributing large scientific datasets to its researchers around the world.

Get better exposure

Torrent is an excellent way for new musicians, movie-makers, artists to gain exposure. Though most social media sites, like YouTube or Pinterest, are some excellent places for sharing art. Torrent communities are filled with different kinds of audiences, especially consumers who want ownership rather than streaming needs. If you are an artist, you could get significant exposure by using BitTorrent services and thus make a profit.

Study consumer trend

The martial art Judo teaches that instead of resisting force, it is much better to use it to your advantage by going with it instead of against it. This is what reputed companies like Netflix and Warner Bros are doing. However, they do not tolerate contradictory copyright infringement; they use such pirate sites to study what general consumers are finding. They generally study the trends of what is popular in various countries and so adapt their content to the ordinary public.

Easy to use

Torrent is not difficult to understand and also torrent clients are easier to use. You would have no difficulty learning to torrent, and you would even have no problem with your employees as everyone who is reasonably familiar with PCs would know how to torrent. Just remember to be pretty cautious if directly downloading files to your computer; there are viruses and malware which hackers insert into the files they seed.

How to get the maximum benefit from torrents?

If smaller files need to be uploaded or downloaded, a computer with a stable internet connection works fine. But if you need to send big files to different points, using a cloud-based Virtual Private Server (VPS) is a more intelligent choice.

A business might suffer if it requires seeding or downloading large files continuously. Torrenting uses a large part of the bandwidth and several other resources. The cloud-based VPS servers are designed explicitly for torrents and offer you the proper support and ready-made apps for your various torrenting needs.

A word of warning

Downloading files directly from other users can come with its dangers. Such dangers can come in the form of malware which hackers insert into the files they seed.

One another problem is that your ISP might throttle your connection. This is because ISPs commonly disapprove of torrenting for its relation to pirating, still, if you have permission from the source of files.

You could counter both threats by simply using safe torrent sites like thepirateproxybay and using the best VPNs for torrents to cover your trail.

If you are looking for an authentic site for downloading torrents, choose thepirateproxybay. It is not only safe but also fast for downloading the latest content.

Rachel Crib
Rachel Crib
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