Top Tips for Shooting the Best Travel Videos


For adventures in the wild, metropolis tourism, or just a trip with some friends for camping, there are multiple reasons you might like to record what you are doing on a trip.

However, one of the main reasons behind most videos today is the possibility to share them with friends, via Whatsapp or any type of instant message app, or through any of the most popular social media platforms today, be it Instagram, Tik Tok, or even Facebook.

For some people, it’s as important as the trip itself, but it’s nothing new. With the invention back then of the camcorder, a lot of people started filming their trips and sharing them with friends at dinner or whenever they visited.

Even when those days are over (for some, it was a relief), now those video-sharing gatherings are a part of social media, where people just post their videos, waiting for reactions from friends and family.

But also, the days of camcorders are over as well, so many are wondering what the best ways are to record their pleasure travels, and there are many options.

Of course, most modern phones have a great camera and can easily record HD videos, with a lot of tools to avoid, for example, shaking, noise distortion, and many other common video problems.

The fact that they also allow you to share content instantly makes them a great go-to option when capturing a travel scene.

Top Tips for Shooting the Best Travel Videos


Most advanced travelers take the “professional” option and buy one of the many “action” cameras on the market, like the once famous Go-Pro and its clones.

With a great array of options to choose from, travelers can now even film a video in a 360-degree panoramic video with some of the most advanced 360-degree cameras on the market. The best news? They aren’t much more expensive than other 180-degree filming action cameras, so if you want to try this revolutionary travel recording, you can easily do it.

It’s quite a way of recording, since with a fixed frame you might miss something, but this way every possible shot gets covered, and of course, it could be a really interesting sight for guests or people on social media.

There are also “companion drones”, which chase the user around, avoiding obstacles and filming as if they were part of a videogame. It is quite popular with influencers and young people who like to give their videos a different perspective.

A world of choices, one opportunity

The reason why you need the adequate gear before your trip, is that if you find out later that you need a different kind of camera, you might suffer the high technologies prices of most touristic destinations.

Also, there’s the possibility, for example, that you might not find exactly what you are looking for, especially in developing countries.

Last but not least important, there’s also the possibility that you end up buying some cheap knockoff of the real thing, not only losing a lot of money, but also the chance to record your adventure as you deserve.

That aside, you also need to consider what kind of destination you are intending to film, since it might have an impact on the gear you can use in such places. Of course, something as flashy as a 360 cam can’t be recommended,

for example in dangerous places or in some areas of cities that are well known for robberies or criminal activities. A phone or action camera strapped to the chest is a much better option, because some built-in straps are extremely difficult to “snatch” since they are designed for action or adventure activities.

Top Tips for Shooting the Best Travel Videos

Also plan ahead, there are some cities or destinations that might require a lot of time between attractions, which might jeopardize your chances of getting the best shots at the right moment.

For example, there’s a great scene in New York City known as the “Manhattanhenge” when the sun aligns perfectly on the 14th, 23rd, 34th, 42nd, and 57th streets, creating quite a unique view.

But it only happens on very specific days, at a precise hour and only on those streets, so planning ahead might be really useful in those cases.

Let’s see what else you can do to have great travel videos:

Get the right gear: mentioned previously, it’s really important to know what you are going to film and where. Also, some kinds of gear may be more adequate for some situations or scenes than others, so think ahead and only take the right one.

Keep your shot list simple: don’t overextend or pretend to do a lot in one day; it’s better to take one step at a time, and don’t forget to enjoy. Otherwise, you’ll be living a “movie director” nightmarish trip, where you are really in a hurry everywhere and forget to live the moment. There are a lot of stock video that can help you in transitions, like cloud scenes and such, to improve your video without losing time filming them.

Find great locations: scouting ahead of time or asking locals for recommendations is a great way to get the best scenes in that destination. Also, visiting the local tourism office will be really helpful since even locals can ignore that there are some great views in their city or town. Carrying around unnecessary gear or equipment might hamper perfect video opportunities. Leave unnecessary items, bags, or equipment with storage facilities like luggage storage Penn Station and keep your hands free to shoot the perfect videos.

The importance of inspiration: of course, you might not be as “cheerful” to filming one day or the other, so just enjoy the trip, you can create a video the next day. It’s better to film only when you are feeling great; that way, your video will recreate that feeling of excitement and happiness.


What is the best length for a travel video?

Stick to the ideal travel video length, which is between two to three minutes. The closer to two minutes you make it, the better. After the three-minute mark, viewers start to lose interest. This is another reason why story becomes so important—if you include a compelling story, you can hold viewers' attention longer.

How do you make a travel video story?

First, you should choose a story you want to tell your viewers and consider how to film it. Second, it is necessary to decide on the location and characters of your account and how to show them in the most lively and expressive way. And third, you need to write in detail what will happen in your video in minutes.

What are the benefits of a travel vlogger?

Travel vlogging can be a powerful way to inspire others to travel and explore the world. By showcasing different destinations and experiences, vloggers can encourage viewers to step out of their comfort zones and try something new.

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