Top Tech Upgrades You Can Use to Modernize Your Classic Car 


Do you own a classic old car you love but still want to give it some modern upgrades? Recently, people who purchase classic old cars want them in their original condition for nostalgia. But, if you want better technology and conveniences, you’ll probably want to incorporate some of the modern technology in your car to make it look more classy and comfortable.

Did you know that you can still incorporate modern technology in your car and still preserve the glory and essence of your vehicle? Read on to discover out more about the contemporary technology upgrades you can use to modernize your vehicle.

Key start

Typically, most old cars use a physical key to start, which makes your hands cramp up. Fortunately, you can use some modern add-on kits to replace your car’s ignition lock with a push-button starter. Also, you can have proximity fobs to allow remote start and lock or unlock your vehicle. This upgrade can be an excellent way to install cutting edge technology and convenience to your old ride.

Pressure monitors for tires

Currently, modern cars from the U.S and Europe have modern technology to monitor tire pressure and alert the driver when the tires’ pressure is low. Old cars can still incorporate this current feature using special valve stem caps that communicate wirelessly with either a 12V plug for the car’s dash-mounted powerpoint or a dash-mounted receiver. This technology upgrade is potentially lifesaving to have in your old car.


Rearview cameras are essential for cars these days. You can have this safety equipment mounted above your car’s license plate with either a wireless connection, most preferably to your smartphone or radio, or a wired connection to your in-dash receiver. Also, you can have this kit on the front of your car to project distance guidelines to help you stay in the lane when parking, have emergency notification and crash sensing. Install this fantastic modern feature in your old classic car and experience this lifesaving and potential crash technology.

Welcome lights

Modernize Your Classic Car 

Having “peddle lamps” mounted below your side view mirrors is fantastic. These lights provide light to the driver or passenger when entering or exiting the vehicle. You can opt for more sophisticated LED lighting since they turn to elaborate projections for your classic old car logos and even virtual “welcome mats” onto the ground once the door is opened. These lamps can also work great in old cars to provide a 21st Century signature feature to the vehicle.

Bluetooth stereos

We all know that operating your phone while driving is hazardous. With Bluetooth stereos installed in your old car, you can run other activities with ease as you drive. You can have hands-free calling while going or even listen to your favourite music while driving. Nowadays, people enjoy their rides as they operate other activities using Bluetooth stereos.

Disc brakes

Disc brakes are one of the most modern upgrades that you can have in your old classic car. Most old cars, probably more than 30 years old, had drum brakes with either two at the back or all four at the back.

These brakes were great back in the old days when you could put out excellent braking when you want a quick stop. Unfortunately, the drum brakes wear out faster and need regular adjustments, parts replacement and cleaning.

The good news is that upgrading to dick brakes can help you avoid some of the lacking features of the drum brakes. Disc brakes are less likely to wear out, have significant braking power, are less likely to overheat and are self-adjusting. This modern brake is easy to install in your old vehicle and makes you feel safer and stress-free.

Massaging and heated seats

Enjoy long drives in your old car with the modern massaging and heated seats to keep you alert and feel refreshed. Modern vehicles do come along with built-in heating pads, massaging and cooling features. The heated seats will warm you up even when it is cold, improving your comfort when driving the car.

Parting words

So, why don’t you add these modern technologies into your old classic car to experience the luxury and beauty of these technology upgrades? You can have the best out of your classic old car using the above tips and give it a better look.

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