Top Budget Watches That Appear Expensive!

Budget Watches That Look And Feel Expensive

A watch is one of the key part in not only having a quick and easy way to tell the time, but showing a fantastic sense of style. No matter what style or look you are going for, there will be a range of truly awesome watches for you. That said, especially for those of us who would like to own several watches, watches can be expensive at the best of times. Not all of them though, in the below we will look at the best budget watches with amazing style and quality.

Pagani Design

Everything from Pagani Design has proven to be an incredible amount of watch for the money, excellent quality and finishing, awesome Japanese made movements and looks to rival some of the best in the game. Any Pagani Design watch you choose will be more watch than you would expect for the money. For the sake of this article, though, the Pagani Design PD-2720k is one of the best watches available for a budget. Coming in at $65 while not on special, 3 gorgeous complications, a Seiko VK67 movement and looking stunning in rose gold (other colours are available), this is one of the best budget watches available right now.

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Another brand in the budget sector where you just can’t go wrong is Orient. Slightly more expensive than Pagani Design, but still extremely cheap in the grand scheme of watches. Orient is a Japanese watchmaker who offer completely in house watches with a great track record. That’s right, they even make their own movements, movements which have proven to be reliable and all-round fantastic pieces.

Anything from Orient is likely to be a winner. Depending on the look you are going for, an Orient Bambino V2 can be had for under $120 and will be the only dress watch you ever need. If you fancy a sport or divers watch, Orient has a fantastic selection of that too.


The watches mentioned before were focussing on classic style dress watches and, in the case of orient, an awesome diver watch brand as well. Invicta takes the other route. Invicta watches mostly revolving around flashy and outspoken designs.

Nobody can miss an Invicta watch on your wrist, if you want your watch to be noticed by everybody, Invicta is the brand for you. The Invicta Pro Diver is a great diver’s watch for under $100 but do be careful as to what you are buying. Invicta was founded as a Swiss watch company, and they do still make some watches in Sweden, however, most of the more budget friendly watches are made in China. Not to say this is a bad thing, just be sure that you know what you are getting.


Similar to Orient, Vostok is one of the few budget friendly brands who build everything in house, including making their own movements. Vostok has turned into a cult classic with the typical, love it or hate it, appeal.

Budget and reliability is the key here. A Vostok amphibian automatic watch can be had for a little as $70, leaving you with plenty of money left over to play at a Canada casino online. But the Komanderskie range can be had for even less. Vostok’s watches are built to be used and abused. Utilitarian watches with some of the longest lasting movements, a Vostok will always be a great watch for anybody who wants to tell the time and look good in anything other than ideal working conditions.

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