Top 5 Ways To Play The Odds At Your Casino Game


Casino gambling is always about beating the odds so that you can be granted the biggest prizes available. These odds can be different for each casino game you run into, meaning you must learn to equip yourself with the knowledge needed to know what you are up against. You can try free slots online with new no deposit bonus codes in Australia 2022 for you to get come to practice, or you can learn from your fellow players.

There are numerous ways to beat the odds so that you can win more money, so here are five ways for you to get started:

  • Learn your limits
  • Placing a big bet
  • Learn the odds
  • Practice on free games
  • Speak to your fellow gamblers

Learn Your Limits

The first major step to becoming an expert gambler is knowing when to stop gambling altogether. This may sound counter-productive, but it is indeed the best method in not losing all of your money. If you don’t have any money, then you cannot gamble at all. You have to make sure to space out the bets so that you are given enough to last longer in the game. The longer you last in the game, the more chances you have of getting a win. No matter how small, each wins matters and adds up to your overall bank.

If you find yourself suffering many losses, now more than ever is when you need to consider stopping. Everyone hopes to get that big win that makes up for all the losses, but the odds can be a lot crueler than that. The big win can only come through careful consideration and from the bigger gambles. If you don’t have enough money to make a big gamble, then you won’t be able to score big in return. This means that you won’t get all of your money back, so play the long game and stop once your limits have been reached.

Placing a Big Bet

Not only do you need to know when to stop, but you must also plan for the big bet. As mentioned before, the big bet is what can make the biggest possible wins available to claim. You have most likely heard about how people have made millions from just a small bet that aren’t even worth a single dollar. These are incredibly rare occasions and should not be relied upon for the big wins. You have to learn to spend money to make money, and you will make big money if you can know when to spend the biggest bet.

Depending on the online casino game you play, you will need to place the big bet on specific moments. For example, if it is during a card game, you will need to raise it when you know for certain you have a good card combination. In a slot machine, it can come from activating bonuses that ensure bigger prizes on the way. Look for the signs of bigger possibilities coming your way so you can accurately predict when a big bet is needed. Don’t just throw around big bets whenever as these can lead to serious losses when guessed incorrectly.

Learn the Odds

When it comes to measuring these odds in specific quantities, there are two main methods for you to figure it out. The first can be found in slots in the form of the RTP. There are many new slot machines, even ones that will be created and licensed by casinos soon, so be aware of them as they provide a lot of lucrative offers.

RTP stands for Return to Player, in which it calculates the percentage chance of earning back what you have spent. As an example, say you have the RTP of one slot is 96%, and you have spent a total of $20. This means that you have a 96% chance of winning that $20 back from the slot. Use this measurement to find out how much you have won back and make bigger bets to go over the limit.

The second form of measurement is the House Edge, which is used in every online casino and land-based casino. The House Edge calculates how much money goes back to the casino from what you have gambled. Working this out can help you find out how much you will lose so you can avoid any unnecessary losses. It is best to find out how much the casino will profit from you so that you can work the odds in your favor.

Practice on Free Games

It is possible to play the free version of these games so that you can get some practice beforehand. The more experience you have with a game, the more likely you are to make smarter decisions on how you bet. As discussed earlier, you may even be able to accurately predict what part of the game has the highest odds and when to place the bigger bets. This can also be an easier way to learn how to play in general without having to spend any money at all.

You can find free versions of casino games online through a variety of means. The first is from the website of the provider itself, who are the creators of these online gambling products. They will most likely offer free versions of their games to play so that they can collect customer feedback and advertise them better for online casinos to pick them up. You can also find free versions from online review sites, as they can offer players a taste of the game so that they can judge for themselves whether it is right for them or not.

Speak to Your Fellow Gamblers

The gambling world is filled with players who are all trying to earn some extra cash to spend. However, there are some players that play for a living and make all of their earnings from gambling. Expert gamblers can be your number one source of great information, as well as tips on how you can reach up to their level. These players may even know the exact odds and how to beat them, making their guidance that much more valuable. Beginners should learn to seek these players out if they are unsure of even the most basic things.


The way you can find these players is through online or land-based casinos. It can be easier in real casinos as you can directly talk with these people face-to-face and learn all they have to offer. For those who play online, there are numerous communication points where you can interact with other players. Some online casinos have shared social rooms where you can chat and message the other players to see what they know. You can even meet other players through online tournaments, as you not only compete against each other but may also work together.

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