Top 5 Documents From Truck Accidents to Show Your Lawyer

In 2019, a total of 4,119 people died in a large truck accident. These accidents tend to involve more injuries and physical damage to your property. Because of this, trucking companies carry much larger insurance policies.

If you find yourself involved in a trucking accident, then your first step should be to seek medical care. Your second step is to meet with an experienced attorney.

This guide will tell you what documents from truck accidents your lawyer will need to represent you effectively.

1. Insurance Policy

Your truck accident lawyer needs to know and understand what your insurance policy covers. This policy states what is covered and what isn’t. In some states, this can influence the amount you can make a claim for.

2. Police Report

The police officers that respond to your accident will make a report of the incident. You need a copy of this report. Provide it to your attorney so that they can have all of the official facts.

The police report will include the date and time, all driver’s information, vehicle information, insurance policies, contact information, and witness contact information.

Your lawyer will use the contact information listed to collect statements from witnesses. This report will serve as a starting point for pursuing compensation for your loss and injuries suffered as a result of a trucking accident.

3. Tickets Related to the Accident

If you are found at fault, then you will get issued a ticket from the responding police officer. This ticket signals that you are at least partially at fault for the accident. Your attorney needs to know about these because it can negatively affect how much you can make a claim for.

4. Photographs

Take photos and videos of the accident scene. This provides the best evidence of what happened, the current driving conditions, and any other contributing factors. This type of evidence is best and the most accurate because you aren’t relying on people’s memories.

Take pictures of any physical injuries you have. Take pictures of both vehicles and any parts in the location where they end up after getting separated from the vehicle. Also, take pictures of the surrounding area and the weather.

5. Medical Records Related to the Accident

Truck accident injuries are often severe and debilitating. Semi-trucks are large in size and weigh significantly more than passenger vehicles. When these trucks collide with a car or truck, it’s the smaller vehicle that experiences the most damage.

You need to show medical records to your attorney because these will support a higher value claim. Medical records that show ongoing treatment are also key to establishing the severity of your injuries. They can also support a claim of compensation for future medical care.

Gather Your Documents From Truck Accidents

Experiencing a truck accident can be a traumatic and life-altering experience. While you want to focus on your health and getting life back on track, you also need to advocate for your rights. Providing an experienced attorney the documents from truck accidents is a necessary step in pursuing compensation for your injuries, damages, and loss.

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