Top 3 fetishes and kinks you never knew existed before now

If you are into fetish, then it’s no doubt that you’ve heard of bondage and foot fetishes. However, there’s more to fetishes than foot worship and BDSM. Most free porn for women on porn sites features a series of fetishes and kinks, which we are most likely to connect with the instant we see them. However, it is essential to note that not all kinks are fetishes, but all fetishes are kinks. So, what’s a fetish? A fetish is simply regarded as a sexual attraction to body parts, inanimate objects or sexual situations. On the other hand, a kink is a broad term for sexual interest, preferences, fantasies, and other thoughts outside the sex mainstream.

Most individuals see people with fetishes and kinks as an occultist. Others see those who have understood their fetish and kinks as freaks. Either way, both assumptions are wrong. If you haven’t recognized your fetish, that might be because you haven’t consciously taken your time to study yourself. We all have what we desire, especially when having sex. We know what turns us on, or what must be done to get us turned on. We are often just too morally inclined to say it because it might feel weird. However, normal is boring and weird is the new normal, so? Enjoy and explore your fetish.

Apart from those popular kinks you just have heard, there are several others that you might have explored and adopted in your relationship as one of those acts that get you aroused. Nonetheless,But before getting into it, find here clevescene’s article about hottest onlyfans accounts. here are some of the other fetishes you should know and possibly adopt in your relationship.

Animated porn:

Oh, yes! If you are an anime lover, this might end up being one of your fetishes. The truth is, animated porn is one of the most-streamed genres of porn on online porn sites. The reason for this is that animated porn gives room for exploration. You are not crazy if you have the “worst” sexual scenario on your head. You should probably see one or two animated porn, and you’d be surprised at how detailed it could get. If you’ve pictured an actor with a huge dick slamming an actress with gigantic boobs, you’d see the graphical representation in animated porn.


There’s a huge probability that, at some point, you’ve tried this out. This fetish involves you watching your partner have sex with another person. It could also be listening to another person explain their sexual encounter with your partner. In this sense, the person watching enjoys the stimulation of being cheated on while experimenting with how it feels like when cheated on. However, before you can adopt this fetish, be sure you’ve had a chat with your partner, and you are both fine with it.


You are either attracted to seeing someone put on nylon in this fetish, or you just love wearing them yourself. Most times, men are in this category. They prefer seeing their women put on nylon while sitting on their laps having dirty chats. On the other hand, if you find your partner putting on nylon sexually attractive, it’s safe to say nylon is your fetish. Don’t be too “mature” to keep the revelation to yourself. Ensure your partner is aware of the situation


More than a hundred fetishes and kinks in the sexual world are waiting to be explored. However, most persons are too comfortable with their kinks that they regard anything different to cheating. You could have as many kinks as you want and explore as many fetishes as possible. Ensure your partner is duly informed and carried along for maximum pleasure if you have a partner. If you don’t have a partner, you can explore your kinks alone. One of the most appropriate means of achieving this is knowing your kink and seeing free porn videos.

On the other hand, if you are a lady, you can see free porn for women on Porndoe to help you understand your body even better. Because your kink is not foot worship doesn’t mean it’s not an appropriate kink, there are more kinks than you can imagine. Your concern, however, should be if your kink would be accepted. Your concern should be; first, you accept your kink, then make sure your partner understands and accepts your kink and you the way you are. The change could be scary in its initial stage, but along the line, the other half should be able to catch up and soon, it would become normal as well. So, once both parties are okay, you are good to go!

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