TOGAF Certification: Straightforward Approach To Getting Certified

TOGAF® certification is a program for enterprise architects. This certification will prove the architect has global knowledge of the business. The methodologies give a clear description of the software development of the high-level design. The certification course aims to lessen the errors, control the budget, and merge the business sector with the IT sector to give a pleasing result.

With tie-ups with companies across the world and an emerging sector on its own, Enterprise Architecture ship is something to look out for.


  • The course has a language of its own. The coding language is the solution to complex scenarios. The Architects, while going through the training, are educated about it.
  • The certification is a globally recognized standard program for architects to step into the real world of architecture.
  • For companies, to have the creditor of TOGAF means to have a reputation for showcasing in the architecture industry.
  • The certification is a getaway to the architectural field.


There are two parts to the TOGAF certification course, one being the foundation and the other being the level 1 and level 2. Candidates have to choose the levels. It can be either only foundation or Level1&2 or else all three of them together. The essential requirement is, one has to cross-level one first to qualify to the level compulsorily.

Foundation Level: The most basic level to step into the architectural world is the foundation region. Here, the question pattern remains multiple choice with a time limit of 60 mins—Although it is optional, it is also essential to learn the basics from the start.

Certified level: The certification level comprises two parts; levels 1 and 2. The question pattern for level 1 is 40 multiple choice questions within a time limit of an hour, whereas level 2 is a scenario based on the set of eight. The time given to complete level 2 is almost an hour and a half.

The passing mark for both the levels is 55% and 60%, respectively. The negative marking system is abundant, and the candidate shall be polished about the choices.


  • Go to the website and register yourself.
  • Book a seat for the exam whichever level you are opting for
  • Fill up necessary forms and book the availability of toolkits for studying.
  • Download the e-books and all the study materials and syllabus.


The preparation for an exam might be slightly different for everyone. Someone who only opts for the foundation exam will have only to study the basic multiple-choice questions regarding their knowledge about architecture. At the same time, someone opting for the combined course can produce their ideas. The foundation plus the certified levels, you have to go through rigorous training and understanding. Preparing beforehand for the combined group is much needed as there is no gap between the exams. Make a schedule consisting of 8 hours of a day to study and understand the technicalities. Sufficient understanding and logical reasoning, and involvement of architectural artifacts at the right time will gain good.


While the training part of the course depends on the individual, it is essential to get groomed beforehand. TOGAF gives the training as per the need. There is an additional cost to it, so it is entirely based on you want to do it. The training gives you an insight into the world of enterprise architecture. They will teach you techniques and methods to crack down on the exams. There will be a chapter to decode the TOGAF language, making the level2 scenario exam pattern much more straightforward. The training is an area wised program given to candidates in the area near them.


Before concluding, TOGAF® certification is a much-needed accreditation to your resume. The certificate adds up tremendous value to individuals as well as organizations to work globally. TOGAF is a reputed certification in the sector of open groups. The global benefits are helpful in availing of the future benefits. It can assist in developing the designs and architectures by building a solid forum. Thus, organizations can deal with minor details without a second thought.

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