Tips to hire freelance cartoon animator

If you aren’t stuck on your budget, hiring a freelance cartoon animator can be an idyllic solution. But how to know which one is the right one to hire? Here is a tutorial for you on about hiring a fantastic cartoon animator.

1- Have a reasonable budget-

Indeed, freelance cartoon animators aren’t cheap. Cartoon animation requires lots of practice to sharpen the cartoon animation skills and come up as the skilled animator to make animations look amazing. In addition to that, it’s time-consuming. Just 60 seconds of animations require around 4 weeks to get completed. And for 2D animation, it will cost $1500. The cost depends on the involvedness of the artwork.

In case you want something to be cartoony, it will be less cost-effective. On the other hand, if the matter is about getting detailed art, it will increase the cost. Talking about 3D animation, it’s going to be approx $4000 p/m.

Putting it simply, there’s an actual need of $1000-$2000 if you are in the market looking for the freelance cartoon animator.

2- Have a well-defined purpose-

well-defined purpose

Some people want the animators for all kinds of projects like animated shorts, explainer videos, etc. You need to pick up the skilled in the type of artwork you want. You need to have the outline of the product or the service ready for their examination. In case it’s for creative purposes, a design summary will be supportive.

3- Know about your timeline-

When you want your work to get finished? Be clear in this thing. As said, 60 seconds of animation can take 4 weeks to complete with perfection. You should be clear about when you want your artwork to get ready for you. Tell your freelance cartoon animator about your timeline.

To get your artwork to deliver to you well on time, it’s better that you order the animator for your work at the earliest. Don’t wait for the end moment otherwise, your work would end up with many imperfections. You will be charged more for the rush work.

4- Consider the style you want-

Possibilities are indeed never-ending. But not all the cartoon animators can do the same sort of work. You’ll need to think about the kind of animation you are seeking.

Here are the 3 most usual types-


Models Frame-by-frame recordings are stitched collectively to provide the sense of fluid movement.

Classical 2D animation-

Classical 2D animation-

The poster-child animation, you can think of Disney cartoons like “The Lion King” and “Snow White.”

Digital 3D animation-

This sort of animation creates bit practical models in comparison to 2D. It’s well-liked in the movie industry and is seen in the film, namely- “Frozen.”

5- Post briefly-

If your description is right, the cartoon animator will choose themselves for your artwork. An unclear description will easily attract those who are completely unskilled and don’t possess the right skills for your work. Easily you will find yourself to get end up wasting precious time between wrong ones.

The brief of your project must cover the following things-

  •  Timeline
  •  Your purpose
  •  Style of animation
  •  Your budget

6- Look at their portfolios-

So you have created your brief, and you are a bit excited to get your artwork done by a talented freelance cartoon animator. When it comes to select the artist, you should see their portfolio. Don’t be in a hurry, and don’t compromise here at this stage. You should see their portfolio, also called “Reel.”

Looking at those will give you a clear insight into how they are good at creating cartoon animations. Looking at those will provide you with the chance to separate the unskilled one and will finally hand over the work into the hand of a trustworthy and smart artist.

7- Consider whether the animator is good to choose or not-

Even after looking at their portfolio, you are not satisfied and haven’t reached a decision-making stage. After all, you aren’t a knowledgeable animator. There are several standard ways of evaluating animators. Here is what you can do to make a better judgment.

Technical ability- See whether all the landscapes are adequately composed or not? Are the alterations between frames faultless or not? Is color palette an excellent preference?

Previous experience- Consider whether their previous experience is relevant or not. Just because the cartoon animator’s work is unbelievable, it does not mean that the animator is ideal for your artwork. You want to get the one who specializes in the sort of animation that you want for you, not the one who is smart enough in the one that you don’t needs.

8- Speak with others-

Speak with others
Now to make a final decision, what you need to do is, you can have a conversation with the cartoon animators. There is no need to have an interview session for 45 minutes or one hour, you can arrange for a quick chat, and that’s enough for you. Share all about your expectation from the artist. Don’t hesitate to ask anything there in your brain. The more you ask more, you will clear your dilemmas and better decision you will make.

9- Why don’t you ask the clients?

Here’s another best way to find the nest freelance cartoon animator. Though it’s the standard criteria to consider, undoubtedly, it works very well. To ask others who have worked with the animator will give you a clear picture of how the animator is that you are planning to hire. You will come to know whether the animator is a promising one or not. Whether he/she submits your artwork well on time, is it worth paying the charges they charge for your artwork, and queries goes on. Without any worries, you will have the right one who keeps every spoken word to you.


Consider all the above-stated tips to hire a freelance animator so you can get your work done without facing any more obstacles. No need to think more, consider all those and pick up the one right now before you hear “NO” from him/her due to being hired by someone else.

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