Tips In Designing A Certificate For Your Seminar

With a certificate maker, create a certificate to award the participants of your seminar. Sign it and present it to them at the end of the event. It will be an awesome moment for both you and your students. Another thing that differentiates contentment is designing our own certificates! The kind that we give out should be stylish, simple, decent, beautiful and elegant. Building them is much easier than you think. This article will take you through the simple steps to design certificates for your seminar.

Source: Venngage

  1. Find The Right Template:

The first step is making our certificate look beautiful and elegant by finding a perfect template to use as a reference. Go to a certificate maker online, choose one that you like among these free templates, try it out, and see how you like it. Chances are, it will be just fine for your seminar or you can do some changes here and there to what suits best for your own needs.

If you need a certificate maker app, Venngage is a good choice.

  1. Type The Text:

Another way of adding style is by picking a suitable font that matches its design perfectly. For example, if the template has a formal business look, then you can go for a font that is simple and clean. There are many free fonts to choose from online, just type the keywords “free fonts” in your preferred search engine and you’ll find several sites where you can download or even upload your own.

  1. Color:

Pick a color that is suitable for your seminar and try to avoid colors that will drain your audience’s energy (green, purple, etc.). Use a color that is easy to read and can stand out from the background as it will be printed on a white paper.

  1. Fill In Content:

After choosing which font to use, now it’s time to start filling in the text. Just place your details there and you’re good to go. You can also include a message congratulating or encouraging your seminar participants for being part of the event. It is another way of letting them know that you are thankful for their presence during your seminar

For a certificate to stand out, it must be attractive. A dull and boring design will not attract much attention from your students. This is because participants do not really take time to go through the details in a free certificate maker. Doing so only slows them down! Certificates should flow with whatever you have designed on your seminar poster maker or flyers. It should be consistent.

It should match the color and font that you have used. This saves you from ruining your entire design by printing them in the wrong color or font, which is just plain frustrating!

  1. Save Your Certificate:

After filling out all relevant information, now it’s time to save your work in an online certificate maker as a pdf file for easy printing. Just go to the file menu and click on ‘save as’. Give it a name that you can easily recognize later on. You can then save it in any location or computer with ease.

  1. Give It A-Frame:

To save a little cost, just print the certificate with a simple white paper and give it a frame yourself using color papers that match your seminar’s theme. It will be plain but stylish enough for you to have an elegant portrait of our certificate! You can also find many tutorials online to teach you how to do this.

  1. Make It Official:

To make your certificates more official, just print them on thick paper that can pass three standards tests: watermark test, folding endurance, and tearing strength. If you find the standard certification papers too expensive then there are other types of paper with great quality but at a cheaper price.

Source: Venngage

  1. Customize It:

The last step is giving your certificate the look of uniqueness by adding some personal touches to it so you can really claim that they are all yours. A small “Certificate No.” at the bottom center with your seminar’s name will do just fine. You can also print a short message or quote,

  1. Print And Distribute:

After you’re satisfied with how it looks like, choose the print option and follow the instructions from there. You can either print it out yourself or get your local printing company to do it for you. For the seminar certificate to look beautiful, however, you have to print them professionally. You can ask your printer or just order online at sites that offer printing services.

Once printed, try handing them out to friends and family members asking for their opinion on the design. If they like what you’ve done then that’s awesome! You’re ready to hand them out during your seminar.

In Conclusion

Remember that certificates serve as a souvenir from the seminar, so the design should be both classy and elegant. It is an important factor when it comes to branding, especially for new entrepreneurs. They seek to build their reputation among students and this will be another way of doing just that! So what are you waiting for? Use that certificate maker software and design one today.

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