Things To Remember While Migrating Oracle Database to Cloud

According to Oracle, more than 80% of businesses go over budget or cost for cloud migrations; for that reason, one must always keep a strategy. Oracle has automated tools that make the task simple and efficient, reducing downtime. Oracle migration to cloud provides a user to migrate production workloads from on-premises databases to autonomous databases in the respective Oracle cloud. This Oracle migration to the cloud helps in delivering more efficient outcomes in both the short and long run, provides cost-saving in hardware, and increases the flexibility of a business.

What to have before starting migration of your Oracle database to the cloud?

  • Focused Migration Strategy – A company must know beforehand what processes need more attention; otherwise, a lot of time is wasted in testing processes that do not need any focus. It is seen that businesses struggle while having a clear thought process which should be prevented at all costs to save both time and money.
  • Clear Business Process Maps- Having a clear map helps avoid confusion after migration. Guesswork can yield indefinite risk to the business.
  • Critical Report Validation – Report validation plays a significant part in a successful migration; therefore, validation attempts without the proper tools might lead to indistinctness in the process, delays in project delivery, and incalculable test cycles.
  • Validation to Security Segregation of Duties (SOD) permission – Cloud had a heavy reliance on role-based security models that basically consist of Job Roles and Abstract Roles. Such roles innately consist of a lot of Segregation of Duties (SOD) in the form of policies of functions and data.
  • Validation to Integration – A business must be thorough with the integrations of the Oracle Cloud for smooth functioning of their migration of databases. Cloud environments are often integrated with other platforms like HCM, CRM, SCM, and EDI.
  • Understanding to process deviation – Oracle Cloud consists of limited customization opportunities for its customers who otherwise tend to expand the functionality of their businesses. The businesses must ensure having a great deal of knowledge about the current integrations and customizations of their project before the beginning of the process so that there are no interruptions and breakage during the migration of the database.
  • Understanding the configurations and the ‘as-is’ process – The understanding helps in avoiding any hindrance and interruptions to the business after the Oracle migration to cloud. Keeping clear documentation of the configurations as well as the ‘as-is’ process is very crucial for a business.

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