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Have you reached a stage in your relationship where you’re committed to each other? Have you ever had discussions about taking your passion to the next level by introducing a third party? To the uninitiated, this might seem to be the opposite of a meaningful partnership. It insinuates dissatisfaction with the current arrangement. But threesomes can add sparks. Also, appreciating there is enough mutual trust to introduce this ‘risqué’ element can bring a couple closer. Here’s what you need to know about finding a flirty female to join your team.

  1. Visit some poly social networks or websites

There are fairly limited opportunities for tracking down someone who would be a willing participant. If you and your partner were to approach a single female in a social setting and invite them around for sex, she’d probably run a mile! But people who want a threesome have much more reliable options when they check out the Internet. If you’re already in a relationship, you might not have considered looking into the digital environment for tracking down partners. But this is where you’ll come across polyamorous sites for couples seeking women, social media channels, and forums where you’ll find individuals eager to become the ‘third point’ of a consensual love triangle. Visit a cross-section of these outlets to get a feel of what tools are available for reaching out. Where poly dating sites are concerned, the majority offer free registration, so you can hop aboard and suss out the available matchmaking tools.

  1. What you should know to get started

– Be specific in your desires

If you are new to this concept, it can initially seem slightly daunting. After all, society is based on monogamy, so the obvious issue the original couple will face is the possibility of the dynamic being shifted. This is where a crucial element of threesome activity should be tabled. Communication. You and your partner must agree on every aspect of the potential hookups before getting to the stage of recruiting an appropriate girlfriend. There are a lot of elements to consider. Are you hoping to meet a younger girl or a more sophisticated cougar? How often will you perform threesomes? Would you prefer sticking to someone whose desires you can become familiar with, or does the thought of a different girlfriend every weekend float your boat?

Once you have had in-depth conversations about these factors, you’ll need to repeat the dialogue with the girlfriend. Before you arrange your first meeting, the three of you will have to agree on the parameters. It might seem counter-intuitive to be hammering out a set of ground rules before embarking on passionate get-togethers. But it would be far better to be aware of what everyone expects from the threesome than rushing ahead with things and being left with any doubts afterward. When you do have these discussions, it doesn’t need to be like a board meeting! Keep it light. A good suggestion would be to crack open a bottle of wine, while soft music helps to set the mood.

– Hunting for unicorns should have a gradual approach

Unicorns, or as they’re also known, hot bi babes, should be treated with sensitivity. This situation is nothing like a casual fling, where you allow your head to overrule your heart while seeking random singles. Never feel compelled to rush into anything, no matter how eagerly you might be anticipating a threesome. Find out about the unicorn’s background and personality. You might like to enquire about her experience and sexual history. Taking time to bond will pay far more dividends.

  1. Enjoy your threesome

Adding this extra individual to a stable partnership does have its risks. The current partner or wife could find herself becoming jealous of the girlfriend, even if she knows she must never admit as much. The male might show favoritism for either party. The crucial piece of advice is to put your enjoyment first. Live for each thrilling moment of your encounters. You could add fire to the liaisons by introducing subtle elements of BDSM, taking turns to tie each other up. Or how about suggesting cosplay? Kinky outfits? Dressing up like celebrities and indulging in roleplay? The sky’s the limit when it comes to boosting your pleasure levels.

As we’ve described, there’s nothing overtly kinky about couples seeking a girlfriend to enhance their bedroom action. Provided the individuals involved in this amorous triangle are happy with the arrangement, it can pave the way for a lot of passionate fun. One note of caution would be to keep everything discreet, as some of your friends might think your behavior a little unnatural. But you never know. Another couple in your social circle might already be advocates. Swapping girlfriends? Now that’s a whole new exciting story…

Tony Altidore
Tony Altidore
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