The Undeniable Charm of Royal Ascot

The undeniable charm of Royal Ascot stands out from the first encounter with the name. Its motto, “like nowhere else,” encompasses the essence of this competition. Royal Ascot is much more than horse racing. It is a posh event that has inspired generations – and that continues to do precisely that. But what makes it stand out? Here are a few things that define Royal Ascot’s charm.

1. The History

The Royal Ascot is one of the oldest horse racing events in England, and its rich history still impresses today. It was founded by Queen Anne in 1711 and has been held every year since then. Tradition says it must be open each year by the Queen alongside other royals, so attending the races at Royal Ascot is an excellent way to get in touch with England’s oldest history.

2. The Betting

All the horses competing at Royal Ascot are ridden by top-class jockeys; thus, it’s easy to understand why sports betting here feels different and more rewarding. If you want to feel the thrills of placing the odds, head to one of the many Bet with Ascot kiosks or head online to sites like Timeform. You can make individual bets and claim your wins in person, for a horse race betting experience like no other.

3. The Horses

Royal Ascot isn’t only Britain’s oldest and most prestigious horse racing event; it is also the event that brings together the finest thoroughbred horses in the world. Over the years, many thoroughbred horses have even cemented their reputation at Royal Ascot, further establishing the prestige of this event. Some notable winners include Black Caviar, Blue Point, and Stradivarius.

4. The Races

If the horses alone can bring loads of charm to Royal Ascot, the races take the whole thing to the next level. Unlike other competitions, events here are organised throughout an entire week and wrapped up by the grand finale that always manages to surprise everyone. Crowning the flat racing season, The Queen Alexandra Stakes is both challenging and rewarding at the same time – and the results often leave the crowds in awe.

5. The Fashion

Royal Ascot means much more than beautiful horses and experienced jockeys. This horse racing event means much more than exciting sports betting, too. Royal Ascot is synonymous with high fashion and upper class. Everyone attending the races at Royal Ascot wears their best attire. From fancy gowns to designer’s hats, suits, and shiny shoes, the Royal Ascot exudes catwalk vibes as much as it exudes high-class horse racing. Undeniably, the haute-couture garments pair perfectly with the races, adding to its grandeur—no wonder why it’s preferred by the royals.

6. The Food and Drinks

Like most horse racing events, Royal Ascot gives people the perfect reason for a picnic; but this horse racing event means much more. Here, you can expect to taste the finest champagne in one of the 16 fancy restaurants. Fine dining options include Michelin-starred venues where you can taste mouth-watering finger foods. Furthermore, the Royal Enclosure and Queen Anne Enclosure await attendees to taste some of the best afternoon tea in the country.

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