The Top 5 YouTube Gaming Channels


The gaming genre on YouTube has proven that sometimes, watching someone else play a game is even more fun than playing it yourself. Just look at the platform’s biggest content creator, PewDiePie, who rose to prominence by playing and reacting to games – often the type of simple, accessible games that anyone could get their hands on.

Back in 2020, YouTube’s gaming community grew to a record 40 million active channels, who collectively uploaded over 100 billion hours of content. The most popular among them have been in the industry for years, refining their style and pushing the quality of their videos to new heights.

Whether you’re into tutorials, reviews, walkthroughs or laid-back laughs, there’s a content creator out there uploading your kind of videos. To help you find them, check out the following top five YouTube gaming channels.

Vanoss Gaming

Best known for his hilarious collaborations with other content creators, Evan Fong is the comedic genius behind VanossGaming – one of the most prolific gaming channels on YouTube. The 29-year-old Canadian mostly plays popular titles such as Grand Theft Auto V and Call of Duty, and to date has amassed more than 25 million subscribers.

If you’re interested in less serious gameplay videos where friends with an arsenal of jokes simply mess around, VanossGaming has the content for you.

Nick Slots

The casino gaming community has its fair share of gaming channels, too. Some focus on tips and strategies for winning, while others live stream their experiences at physical casinos. There are also YouTubers who film reviews, though you’d be better off heading to an official website for more thorough casino reviews.

Where these YouTubers truly shine is when you can see their personalities. Nick Slots is a great example, with a channel that’s all about making big bets on live streams and scoring impressive wins. The live aspect adds to the excitement, while Nick’s humor makes the videos even more watchable.


Another much-loved YouTube personality is that of Hawaiian-born Mark Fischbach, who runs the 31 million subscriber channel known as Markiplier. His exuberant and uncensored commentary style has made him the go-to guy for Let’s Play content. Mark also does live charity streams, using his reach to collect donations and help those in need.


Perhaps nobody emphasizes their Irish roots quite like Sean William McLoughlin. His channel, Jacksepticeye, has over 27 million subscribers, thanks in no small part to his infectious character. The green-haired YouTuber mostly does gameplay walkthroughs and commentaries, but also uploads interesting videos about the life of a gamer.

The Game Theorists

Matthew Patrick is the name behind The Game Theorists, a YouTube channel that’s all about educating gamers on their favorite hobby. His videos center around video game culture, with themes including game characters and worlds. There’s also a fair number of interesting stories based around certain games that make for compelling content.

A few honorable mentions go to DanTDM, PopularMMOs, W2S and Ali-A. Whichever channel you choose to watch first, you can safely expect to have plenty of hours of fun.

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