The Straw Fedora Hat is Popular With Men – Other Straw Hats That Men Can Sport


Hats have been an integral part of the men’s fashion scene. And over the years, men have been wearing straw hats for many years to appear smart and cool. Simply put, straw is a lightweight and durable material that is perfect for keeping your head protected during the summer months.

When you browse the internet, you will come across a wide range of straw hats for men in multiple materials and shapes. It makes the hat differ in style, quality, and feel. This article will delve into the multiple kinds of men’s straw hats and read about the material they are composed of. You will also get to know how these hats provide the best sun protection. Once you know the various kinds of available straw hats, you can make a better choice.

Understanding how straw hats get made

The straw hats get composed of synthetic and natural straw materials that get brimmed and also interwoven to protect men from the sun rays. Usually, these hats are available in multiple styles and have been worn by people all across Asia and Europe since the Middle Ages. The straw hats all these years have not lost their charm and appeal even for the ones who have used these hats to stay secured from the sun rays.

Most men love their straw hats for being lightweight and durable. And it’s purely because of the material with which it gets made. That is not all. The straw hats are usually made in a way that they have small openings, which enable ventilation and cooling even when the day is hot. The hats are trendy and look stylish. But you need to ensure that you get the hat size correct. For this, you should measure your head size correctly or select from the hat size guide provided by any online hat maker.

The different types of straw hats for men

The straw hats, which typically get woven with natural or synthetic thin straw material, are very lightweight, comfortable, and trendy. It helps you to stay secure from the harsh elements and make sure that your head is comfortable. Some of the popular variants that men can opt-in for are:

  • Straw Fedora Hat

Usually, Panama and the Fedora hats appear the same. There are times when most men can’t tell the difference. So, have you understood the difference between a Panama and a men’s straw fedora? The Panama hats get defined by the use of the Toquilla straw material. However, when it’s about the Fedoras, it’s the shape that defines these hats. The Panama hats get made from straw. On the other hand, at times, the Fedora hats can be made using felt material. To make it easy for you, the following are a few features of the men’s Fedora hats:

  • It has a wide brim.
  • It comes with a low crown.
  • It gets defined by the pinched front.

It’s the sun protection that makes the straw Fedora very practical and stylish. Most men prefer it because of the excellent sun protection it offers and that it is not heavy. Also, men who have long hair can sport this hat. You can also pair it with any attire.

  • Straw Boater Hat

It is a hat that most men have worn all through history. Men mostly wore it during the warm weather. And there was also an official day to sport this hat. It was generally the second Saturday of the month of May. There was also a name reserved for this day, that is Straw Hat Day.

Usually, the straw boater hats get made from stiff straw, which appears unique with its flat, stiff crown and brim. There are a few schools in South Africa, Australia, and the UK where boys wear this hat because it forms a part of their school uniform. Even though the straw boater hat has been designed mostly for men, even women can wear it. This hat is considered stylish and timeless, even though it’s not ideal for providing security from the sun’s rays.

  • Straw Panama Hat

Are you planning for a vacation? If yes, then the best hat to opt-in for is the Panama Straw Hat. This hat is easy to wear and is also breathable. Additionally, men who like to sport their light silk suit and linen suit also love to wear this hat. Ideally, this hat gets made using a light-hued Toquilla straw. One of the fundamental characteristics of this hat is the tight weave. And as a result, you need more work for designing and manufacturing these hats. It is the reason why the straw Panama hat is slightly costly. Several vacationers and tourists opt-in for this hat to sport a classy look and protect their heads from the sun. It was President Roosevelt who made this hat famous in 1906 during his visit to the Panama Canal.

Now that you are aware of the three popular straw hats, you can choose the one that best caters to your style and requirement.

Janet van der Wiel
Janet van der Wiel
Janet van der Wiel is a reporter for The Tiger News. After graduating from the University of Pennsylvania, Janet got an internship at a local radio station and worked as a beat reporter and producer. Janet has also worked as a columnist for the Philadelphia Daily News. Janet covers economy and community events for The Tiger News.

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