The Strategies That Work At Bookmakers


Sports betting strategies are studied not only by players. Bookmakers are also constantly developing new systems and looking for ways to cope with the strategies of professional bettors.

Sport predictions today are hugely popular because many people think that it is easy to make money on betting. If that were true, bookmakers’ offices would have closed down a long time ago due to the unprofitability of the business.

But the gambling industry is flourishing, and bookmakers’ offices are growing like mushrooms. And this indicates an increased interest in such a gambling form of entertainment. So each side is throwing all its intellectual resources to protect itself from bankruptcy.

Betting strategy and why it is necessary

For many people, the concept of strategy is a complex series of calculations, formulas, and numbers. In reality, it’s a little simpler. It’s a set of principles that have been developed based on experience. Great strategies do not guarantee one hundred percent success, but they allow avoiding mistakes made by other players.

Picking a strategy means that, over a long period of time, a player will stick to certain rules in order to eventually come to success. But to do so, one must first be a disciplined person and trust the scheme that the betting strategy includes. Playing the game without a defined strategy will invariably lead to total bankruptcy.

Remember that there is an analytical staff of bookmakers working against the players, who are constantly studying future games and developing new schemes to increase the profits of the offices.

Using strategies, everyone finds the most suitable game algorithm for themselves. Each scheme has a close dependence on the sports, the type and amount of the bet, and the size of the bankroll. Every player is free to use several strategies or develop their own tactics.

At the beginning of the gambling career, it is best to use virtual accounts, and play until the risks are reduced, and the losing streak is decreased. This is necessary to understand the concept of the system.

Initially, it is necessary to study the rules and figure out how to correctly select matches. An ordinary piece of paper or a spreadsheet will be helpful here. One should learn how to select matches and place bets according to the rules of a strategy without any real money.

The results should be written down and then analyzed in-depth to determine whether the game was successful using a particular system.

Strategies that work at bookmakers

Every player, especially beginners, should realize that bookmakers always have a mathematical advantage.

Professionals, thanks to many years of experience, have learned how to make better evaluations, which gives them opportunities to make a steady income.

In order to get regular winnings when betting, it is necessary to choose a certain game strategy, and it is better when there are several of them.

In the future, it is important to develop own schemes and, in parallel, to use the ones that are already well-known to everyone. Commonly known ones include:

Playing against a champion.

This strategy can be applied if the player carefully monitors the calendar of games. This bet is difficult to catch, but not impossible. The main thing is to choose the leading clubs in the Champions League.

Everyone knows that these matches are highly rated, unlike the national championships. They are more prestigious and more profitable financially.

Many players do not take into account the fact that the strongest clubs throw their best forces into the Eurocup, and in the national championship, the coaches field weaker squads. And everyone keeps betting on the favorites when in this situation it should be the other way round.

Valuation bets.

These are bets that the bookmaker has underestimated. Such cases occur but are extremely rare.

In this situation, it is better to double-check the abilities, but if the player actually finds such matches in more than 50%, then it is safe to use them.

The best results are achieved when combined with a Kelly criteria strategy.


The main point of this scheme is that the bet amount is doubled after the bet is lost. This is done in order to win back the amount of the first bet.

In this scheme, it is advisable to choose odds higher than 2.0. It is necessary to determine in advance the number of bets that will cause no damage to the bank. On the basis of this, the initial bet amount is determined.

Generally, it is no more than two percent of the bank. Remember that some bookmakers impose restrictions on the maximum amount of bets, so there are situations when a player’s bets are not accepted for the required amount under the betting scheme.

Conducting an analysis of a sporting event.

This is by far the most effective option. Nothing can replace an in-depth analysis of an event with the further prediction of the outcome.

The more information that is involved in the analysis, the better the chances of winning.

To be more effective, it is necessary to use the following supporting factors: current club form and motivation; features of the sport; trends and patterns; opinions of sports analysts and forecasters; betting software.

Victory goes to those who bet, but it must be done correctly.

Winning from the bookmaker is realistic if one approaches the process with full responsibility, absolute discipline, a certain amount of knowledge and experience.

Never consider betting on sports as an additional source of profit, and always determine the amount you can lose painlessly before you start playing.

Rachel Crib
Rachel Crib
Rachel has lived in Lancaster her whole life. Trish has worked as a journalist for nearly a decade having contributed to several large publications including the Yahoo News and the Lancaster Post. As a journalist for The Tiger News, Cristina covers national and international developments.

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