The Most Effective Way to Gain Visibility as a New Real Estate Agent

It takes a lot more than a charming smile and charismatic personality to achieve success in sales careers these days. This is due in large part to the increased access to information online, as well as the fact that buyers are being pursued by more competitors. Since most people search for deals over the internet (real estate or any other), they are constantly being prospected and soft-closed.

When speaking about the property industry specifically, agents that utilize different styles of real estate postcard templates often find it’s the best way to gain new clients when starting their business. Because you will be competing against other real estate experts in any given area, you need a marketing technique (and strategy) that sets you apart from them.

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Establishing Your Brand

Being a professional real estate agent is about much more than gimmicks and strong closing ability. To get to the top and stay there long-term, you not only need a strong brand/image, but you also need a way to expose it to potential clients.

The Different Types of Real Estate Postcard Templates

Real Estate Agent

Even though a lot of advertising is done online today, there is no substitute for the personal effect of direct mail marketing. Going out to a mailbox, and picking up a real-world piece of mail creates an emotional and physical connection to an object that has yet to be duplicated online. The end result is an advert that the client remembers more clearly and vividly for a longer period.

Just Listed

Just Listed postcards are a great way to introduce yourself to a neighborhood and show them you are active in their local market.

Just Sold

If Just Listed real estate postcard templates show that you are active in an area, Just Sold postcards show you are getting results.

Coming Soon

Coming Soon postcards are a simple way to keep your brand in front of local residents without having any finalized new listings to show.

Open House

An open house allows agents to give residents the “feel” of the home buying/selling process, without having to have their home on the market. It also creates the perfect opportunity for face-to-face meet and greets.

Under Contract

This mailer should go out only after Coming Soon and Just Listed postcards have been sent.

Market Update

Consistency is the key to any successful marketing mailer campaign. This is a great way to stay in the minds of residents in the area without any new listings to offer.

Automated Seller Valuation

This type of postcard answers the nearly universal first question of homeowners; “what is my home worth?”

Finding What Works for You

Although we focused heavily on real estate postcard templates and direct mail campaigns in today’s post (which should be a part of any overall marketing strategy), there are many other methods you should use.

Having a professional website built, creating a strong social media presence, and using unique footage for your property are just a few among them. Keeping up with the latest and most trusted industry news and techniques online will also help you gain success.

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