The importance of curtain tie backs for your home décor


You have finally made up your mind to use tiebacks and holdbacks. The main purpose of the tiebacks is tying up curtains and moving them back from the windows. But, these are also considered to be beautiful accessories, which are a great way to elevate the current home décor big time! Furthermore, they are quite easy for you to use.

As the name suggests, the curtain tieback is one decorating a piece of item, which will tie the curtain back against the wall. They have two parts and those are tiebacks and a hardware set, which are screwed into walls above and right behind the windows.

  • For tying up curtains, using top-notch quality tieback is a must.
  • It will loop around the curtains and then will fasten on either side of the window using metal hooks. The metal hooks are fitted over nails in the wall.
  • The process is considered to be pretty foolproof as you just need to loop around. So, when everything is all hooked up, it is hard to go wrong with the method.

Curtain holdbacks and their similarities:

Curtain holdbacks are also used for tying up curtains and they are more or less similar to the tiebacks. Here, the only difference is that instead of using fabric, they will use decorative hooks for attaching to the curtains.

They are further amazing for keeping curtains off the windows. You might like both options because of their simplicity and decorative means. Which one you are going to choose possibly depends on your own personal preference!

The value of tiebacks:

Whenever you are planning on tying up curtains, you might have probably thought of giving curtain tiebacks a try, and for good reasons. These tiebacks are great ways to add that extra bit of detail your simple curtain deserves. They are not just for the windows anymore but play a much more important role in decorating your household.

  • You can use tiebacks on any fabric, which can again be pulled tight like shower curtains or drapes.
  • They are mostly made using plastic or metal and designed to go around the curtains.
  • You can easily use them for holding back the curtain or just as one major embellishment.
  • These tiebacks are now available in different sizes and shapes. So, there are high chances of you finding one that fits the décor of your place and style pretty perfectly.

The common way to use:

One of the most common ways to use curtain tiebacks is as a simple decorative element on the windowsills and on other places, where you are literally hanging curtains.

  • Tiebacks are often used along with the valances to create a more interesting look than would have been made possible with just any form of a decorative element.
  • If you have valances over windows but looking for something more interesting than just plain fabric, then adding tiebacks will help in making areas more interesting without taking the overall style of the room away!

Some styles to venture into:

If you think about it, because of its growing popularity, there are different popular styles of curtain tiebacks you can check out these days. Some of the major ones are listed below for your reference and to help pick up the best style for your household needs.

  • Rope tiebacks:

These are the most simple and traditional forms of curtain tie-backs and they are just basically a length of rope used for securing around the curtain and then tie to the tieback attached to the wall. It helps to create that amazing loop. For dressing them up, try adding a decorative knot at the end.

  • Outdoor curtain tie-backs:

These are some simple solutions for keeping curtains open throughout the day and closed during night time. The tieback is attached to a special hook on each side of the curtain panel to help hold the curtains back. So, light can come in during the daytime, but you get to close the curtains when the weather is inclement outside!

Apart from these options, you have shower curtain tiebacks to venture into as well. Just make sure to go through all the possible options of curtain tiebacks, before you can get your hands on the one you like the most!

Rachel Crib
Rachel Crib
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