The evolution of the live casino dealer


The very first online casino opened its virtual doors in 1996, and after that, it didn’t take long for the concept of live casino games to dominate the industry. Just two years after the launch of casino sites, this idea provided a glimpse into what the future could hold for players who could now enjoy their favourite games from the comfort of their own homes.

Whilst the idea seemed great, actually putting it into action was another challenge. Some of the earliest live casino games suffered due to slow internet speeds and interruptions that could be caused by simply just a phone call. Despite this, live casino gaming proved that you just can’t keep a good idea down, as the mid-2000s saw high demand for smartphones, greater bandwidth and better internet speeds.

As computers became more accessible to people everywhere, so did this revolutionary way to play games. Now, you can play live casino games online at Griffon Casino, for example, anytime you fancy, anywhere you have internet access! It’s clear the games have evolved, continuing to stand the test of time. But you can’t have live dealer games without the dealer…

With this in mind, join us as we take a look at the evolution of the live casino dealer.

The dealer

Another name for a casino dealer is a croupier, which was originally used to refer to the person who stood behind a gambler with additional cash to back them up during the session.

When casino games started becoming popular, many players would simply take it in turns to be the dealer, however, when gaming venues began opening their doors, staff were needed to ensure gameplay remained fair.

As time went on, casinos became more popular, with large establishments becoming a classy way to spend the night. In the modern-day, you’ll find a variety of staff on the casino floor overseeing the games, with the dealer being one of the most crucial parts of gameplay.

Not only is it their job to host the game, but they will have trained for many years on how to play the games effectively and fairly. They will be keeping track of bets, all whilst making sure each player is having a good experience. You’ll often find the casino staff dressed in suits, topped off with white shirts and bowties. Women will usually wear cocktail dresses too, helping to keep the glamourous casino atmosphere feeling authentic.

Going live

After the first online casino came about in 1996, it didn’t take long for the idea of live dealer games to surface. Whilst they faced many trials and tribulations, the mid-2000s saw better internet connections and greater bandwidth, providing a new age of more accessible casino gaming to the masses.

In 2017, gaming developer Evolution released their first successful live casino game; Dream Catcher. This game offered a glimpse into all that could be possible in this new age of technology, and so Evolution began to pave the way for the live casino industry, becoming the leading developer of live games for many casino sites.

As live games grew in popularity, so did the demand for skilled dealers. Not only would croupiers be required to successfully and fairly host the games, but they would be required to learn exactly how each microphone, monitor, camera, lighting and state-of-the-art software would come together to create the seamless experience that they must then tie together in real-time. All whilst keeping track of a variety of bets from players all over the country, handling all the movements of gameplay and answering any questions that might pop up on the live chat function during gameplay.

It’s clear that the role of a casino dealer has evolved over time, becoming more and more of a unique and skilled job that is sure to never go out of style!

Gambling can be addictive, please play responsibly.
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Faheem Haydar
Faheem Haydar
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