The Definitive Guide to Pennsylvania Divorce Process

The Definitive Guide to Pennsylvania Divorce Process

Getting your marriage finished is one of the most challenging tasks you can carry out in your life. Doing it for the first time seems scary and complicated, but this is due to the uncertainty of your actions. To get it done quickly, you need a plan, and here we are for you. In this post, we’ll make the process of getting a divorce in Pennsylvania clear to you. You’ll see that DIY divorce is a completely bearable thing for everyone including you.

Find out the eligibility criteria for divorce in Pennsylvania

This is the first thing you have to do to make sure that you’re allowed to get a divorce in Pennsylvania is learn the Pennsylvania divorce residency requirements. According to local laws, you or your partner should have lived at least half a year in the state before you start a divorce case. Also, the whole pack of divorce documents needs to be filed at the county clerk’s office where either you or your partner lives.

Understand what type of divorce you want to carry out

Before you file for divorce in PA, you also should choose the divorce track you want to take. You can choose contested litigation or uncontested marriage dissolution.

The first option implies that you cannot find a compromise with your wife or husband regarding the terms of your divorce, and thus you go to court to decide it for you. You will have to attend multiple court hearings, fight over kids, property, and alimony, and spend a lot of money on attorneys. In such a case, the divorce process can last for years.

The second option is a simplified divorce where you and your partner remove all disagreements before going to court. You decide on how to split the money and property, and whether any of you will be getting support from the other on your own. In this case, the divorce case is reviewed and decided upon faster since the parties have nothing to fight over in the court. An uncontested divorce also does not require attorneys’ service so you can save money on it.

Collect the papers for divorce

The next thing you need to do is collect the divorce papers for filing. They are available online on local courts’ websites. You can also get them at the clerk’s office in your county. To save time and avoid mistakes, we suggest that you fill out these forms with the help of online divorce services.

Submit papers to the court

The next step you should take is bringing your divorce documents to the clerk’s office for registration. This is to inform the court that you want to get divorced and present your case to a judge. Your documents’ pack will be given a number that you need to remember since your case will be addressed by this number from now on by a judge and court workers.

Agree with your partner on all discrepancies you may have

Now it’s time to find a common language with your partner if you want to get divorced fast. Discuss the way your kids will live and be cared about after you separate, how you will divide your money, who gets what from your real estate and business, etc. All these issues need to be looked into with precision and care so that nothing is left unnoticed. Don’t be afraid to look greedy: it’s your future that needs to be clear to you.

Write a settlement agreement

Once everything is discussed and agreed upon, write this down on paper. This document will be called a settlement agreement. You will present it to a judge as well so that they can see your plan for your life after divorce and how you are about to fulfill your responsibilities. It is extremely important to create this document correctly, so take your time to draft and edit it a few times before you get an ideal document.

Wait for the court to discover your case

Now that all your papers are submitted to the court, you need to wait a certain period until a judge announces that you are divorced. This period is different in all states and it’s 90 days in Pennsylvania. As you can see, it’s a pretty long time so you can use it for the good of your family and kids. You can also take care of your well-being, career, and other priorities during this time. Don’t stress out now, you’ve already done everything that was in your control. Now, it’s time to calm down and wait.

Get your divorce certificate

The last thing you should do is arrive at the appointed time at your local court to get your divorce certificate. Don’t worry about the need to see your ex again: you may come at a different time for that. Also, you are not required, nor encouraged to talk or discuss anything now. The decision is made, and from now on, you are a legally single individual who can live free and independent.

Now that you know how to get a divorce in Pennsylvania, you can start the process with your partner. Keep in mind that your success in this procedure depends on your ability to compromise, listen to the other point of view, and see the perspective of your life in positive colors.


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