The British Standards for Key Holding and Response Services


The British Standard gives recommendations for keyholding and response services. It details how a corporation manages the service provision of keyholding and how it should answer an occasion. Additionally to key management, it further describes what’s expected of a response center and vehicles used to store keys. Moreover, the British Standard doesn’t apply to lone worker response services, static sites, guarding, and mobile patrol services.

However, the British Standard gives credentials for the key


holding company UK like staffing, management, and operation of a corporation offering keyholding and


response services and mobile patrols as a shared service on a contracted basis. This British Standard assists procurers of keyholding and response services like security companies and agencies, building management companies, local authorities, and people promoting compliance.


British standard for key holding

BS 7499 – Mobile Patrol Services & Static Site Guarding


BS 7499 gives rules and regulations for the staffing, operation, and management of an organization providing security guarding services on a static site.

Its recommendations don’t apply to all or any security companies. An SIA license needs for Security Guarding if you’re providing licensable duties, like:

  • Guarding business premises against outbreaks of disorder or damage and unauthorized access or occupation.
  • Protecting property against being stolen or against being otherwise dishonestly taken or obtained, and destruction or damage.
  • Guarding one or more individuals against injuries or assault which may suffer in the outcome of the illegal activities of others.

However, the above activities provide a physical presence or complete any patrol or security surveillance to discourage or otherwise discourage unlawful or destructive activities or supply information to relevant parties.

BS 8406 – Event Stewarding

This BS 8406 gives recommendations for the staffing, operation, infrastructure, and management of organizations providing event stewarding at either indoor or outdoor events. The recommendations of BS 8406 don’t apply to the supply of key holding companies in London, like mobile patrol services or door supervisors and static guarding.


There is no specific SIA license for event stewarding. Any licensable exercises are likely to be covered under other SIA licenses, like door supervision, close protection, CCTV, or static guarding.

BS 7872: Valuables in Transit and Cash

This British Standard (BS 7872) gives instructions for the staffing, operation, organization, and management of companies providing a Cash-in-Transit (CIT, also referred to as CVIT – Cash and Valuables in Transit) service (collection and delivery) on a contracted basis. An SIA license is required for this activity.

BS 7958 – Loop Television (CCTV) Management and Operation

However, BS 7958 gives guidance for the operation and management of CCTV within a controlled environment. It is also liable where data may be offered as evidence is received, reviewed, analyzed, or stored. BS 7958 applies to:

  • CCTV schemes utilized in public places – like town centers, shopping malls, conveyance, and hospitals.
  • Schemes that overlook a public space, like traffic control or monitoring.
  • And the private schemes where a camera view includes a partial view of the public area. An SIA license is needed for CCTV Public Space Surveillance. And the SIA’s definition of public space is as under:
  • Monitoring for breaks of any disorder.
  • Guarding one or more individuals against injuries or assault that may suffer from the unlawful acts of others.
  • Check the activities of a member of the general public during a public or private space.
  • Can identify a specific person.
  • Uses CCTV or non-CCTV equipment for purposes aside from identifying a trespasser and protecting property

BS 8507 – Close Protection Services Scheme

This standard BS 8507 is in two parts:

  • Part 1 – Services within the UK which gives recommendations for the staffing, management, and operational accountability for the supply of all aspects of close protection services in Northern Ireland, the UK, and Crown Dependencies.
  • Part 2 Services outside of the UK which gives recommendations for service providers not covered partially 1. Moreover, this code could be employed by those that wish to get close protection security.

Besides all, an SIA license is required for close protection security if you’re providing licensable duties, like guarding one or more individuals against injuries or assault, which may suffer as a result of the illegal conduct of others. It is applicable if services are supplied for the needs of or about any contract to a receiver.

BS 8517 – Security Dogs Scheme

BS 8517 gives recommendations for two parts:

  • Part 1 refers to the “General Purpose Security Dogs,” which gives instructions for the operational use of a dog by a professional dog handler when giving security services on a mobile patrol basis or a static site.
  • Part 2 refers to the “Detection Dogs,” which gives instructions for the operational use of a detection dog by a security dog handler when offering passive and proactive detection services, like munitions, explosives detection, drugs, or firearms.

There is no specific SIA license for a dog handler, although it’s likely that the duties managed by the handler would be licensable, e.g., security guarding or door supervision license.

BS 7858 – Screening of Individuals Working

This standard advises the vetting and screening of people working and maybe a normative reference for the above standards, which suggests that firms must follow this standard because of the sector-specific standards.

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