The Best DIY Decorations to Upgrade Your Hostel Room


A hostel room is like a blank canvas – empty walls, basic furniture, everything waiting for you to come and add your personal touch and bring it to life.

But decorating your PG in Palasia, Indore to match your vibe can be an expensive business.

After all, you’re going to have to spend ages selecting the items that you want, buying them and then putting them up in your room.

Luckily, we’ve got a solution for you. There are a lot of DIY decor items that you can make to take your hostel room to the next level. And we’ve rounded up a list of the three quickest and most inexpensive projects that you can do. Let’s check them out.

Give your desk a makeover

Much like the walls, the desk in your hostel room is probably a plain surface that sparks no inspiration.

So, it’s no wonder that you find yourself daydreaming everytime you sit there. It’s time to DIY yourself the desk of your dreams. One that will motivate you to actually get your work done, or be a cool background for your Bookstagram spreads.

Some inexpensive contact paper is all that stands between you and your dream desk. Choose a design that you love and then peel and stick onto your desk surface to give it a total makeover.

You could even purchase some extra paper in the same pattern or colour and use it to accent the other furniture in your room. If you’re someone who loves to coordinate their belongings, this low-effort DIY is definitely going to make your room a work of art.

Turn old mugs into planters, pen stands and more

If you’ve got way too many mugs for a single person living in a hostel, or if you accidentally broke the handle of your favourite mug, you don’t need to throw it away.

Mugs are super easy to turn into DIY planters for your hostel room, and often a lot cheaper than buying a new ceramic planter online or from a nursery.

Not only will you be able to give your plant babies a new home but you’ll even be recycling at the same time. Yay, you! In fact, planters aren’t all you can turn your old mugs into.

Sand down any broken edges and use one as a pen stand or stationery holder on your desk. Or turn your favourite mug into a DIY scented candle that’ll upgrade the cosiness quotient of your room. So, don’t throw any of your old mugs away.

Use your imagination (and some Pinterest inspiration) to upcycle them into something you can actually use.

Make a whiteboard from a photo frame

One of the things that you’ll find yourself wishing you had, even if you live in the best hostel in Dehradun, is a whiteboard. They’re just so convenient for noting down information, to do lists, and reminders. But they can also be quite cumbersome to carry and expensive to buy.

Plus, your room might not even have enough free wall space for you to hang up a commercial whiteboard. Well, that’s where this DIY lets you create a whiteboard that will actually serve your purpose.

All you need is a photo frame in the size that you desire. Remove the glass from the frame and add a plain white (or any other light colour) sheet instead of a photograph. Then replace the glass and let your whiteboard marker do the talking. And if you’re more of a blackboard person, then go ahead and get yourself some chalkboard paint.

Give the glass a few coats of the paints and you have a DIY blackboard for your room too. You’ll wonder how you managed your hostel life without this board once you try this DIY.

And there you have it. These quick and inexpensive DIY projects are sure to help you level up your hostel room. So, go ahead, try them out and customise them to match your aesthetic!

Rachel Crib
Rachel Crib
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