The A-Z of a Perfect Makeover: A Guide to Looking Absolutely Fabulous

Looking good every day can be effortless, with a great skincare routine, a capsule collection of perfect cosmetics, and some awesome accessories.

A makeover needn’t be costly but should be the start of a new journey that boosts your self-esteem and has you feeling as good on the inside as you look on the outside. So, without further ado, let’s start at the very beginning….

A is for Aglow

The foundation of any makeover, and the key to looking fabulous every day, is to get skin that looks aglow with health. To do this, you need to incorporate a combination of carefully selected products and a few lifestyle changes into your makeover.

Glowing Skin

Drinking plenty of water daily is one of the best things you can do to get glowing skin, keep blemishes away, and improve elasticity and tone. It really is as simple as that! Eating a healthy diet with lots of fruit, veg, and foods containing omega-3 is important, too: many people find that consuming lots of sugary, fatty, or fried food can also bring on an outbreak.

Regular exercise is also great for the skin: physical activity increases blood flow and so nourishes all of the body’s cells, helping to keep you healthy and removing toxins from the system.

Once you’ve laid down the base for great skin by leveling up your lifestyle, it’s time to incorporate some beautiful products to create a relaxing, nurturing skincare routine. Cleanse, tone, and moisturize every day, using products that are fragrance-free and don’t contain any harsh chemicals. And remember to always take your make-up off at the end of every day – not doing so can lead to clogged pores and break-outs. Let your skin breathe and recharge as you sleep, instead.

Curate Your Cosmetics

As part of your makeover, it may be tempting to fill your basket with lots of different products, especially when special offers can be so tempting. Instead, think about the clothes and colors you like to wear and that suit your complexion. You may be better served to buy two good-quality, hydrating lipsticks that you’ll use most days rather than a handful of cheaper products in shades that don’t necessarily suit you.

Look for cream-based blusher rather than powder, as the latter can dry out the skin, and choose organic cosmetics where possible to be kind to the environment and your body.

If you have very fair skin, you’ll probably be best choosing lipsticks, bronzers, and blushes in shades of pink, to complement your complexion. Those with a slightly darker complexion but that’s still considered light should opt for lipsticks that are red with a hint of blue for a stunning effect.

People with a medium skin tone usually look fabulous wearing make-up in shades that are neutral, nude, or gold – and anything with a hint of shine or glow will work beautifully; those with dark skin tones usually look fantastic wearing blusher, lipstick, and eyeshadow in tones of red-brown, chestnut, plum, and burgundy. If you have a deep skin tone, try a nude eyeshadow, shimmery gold highlighter, and a mauve lip for a look that will really pop.

Accentuate with Accessories

Incorporating some new accessories into your makeover is a great way to create a variety of new looks that don’t cost the Earth. Purchasing a couple of classic pieces is a cost-effective means of raising your style bar, along with choosing a few on-trend high-street items, like a bead bangle stack and a fabric choker necklace.

Have a look at for inspiration on timeless pieces of jewelry that’ll complement your new look for years to come. Personalized necklaces in sterling silver or rose gold, a simple, chic, engraved bangle, or a set of birthstone rings all make for wonderful and meaningful choices. Pearls are the fashion story of 2022, so an understated freshwater pearl necklace or pair of pearl stud earrings are not only on-trend now but will stand the test of time.

Curate a Capsule Wardrobe

As with your cosmetics, your makeover will be most effective if you create a capsule wardrobe – select some key pieces so that you’ll love how you look every single day.

Assess what you have in your wardrobe right now: be ruthless. If there are things in there that you no longer love or wear, then send them off to a new home. The idea is to feel fabulous and comfortable in what you wear every day, not just now and again. Once you’ve completed this task, look at what’s left to identify any gaps. Think about the key garments you need to create your new style and write these down, and then set a spending budget. Your list could include items such as a tailored pair of black trousers, some well-fitting jeans, an oversized blazer, a classic white shirt, and a maxi dress in a bold color. Choose items for the list based on being able to mix and match garments to create a wide range of looks from a single streamlined collection.

Now the fun part: shopping! Be sure to only purchase items that are on your list – however tempting a sale may be – to stay within budget.

Z is for Zero Waste

Use the tips above to give yourself a makeover that means you’ll no longer experience any days that feel wasted due to a lack of self-confidence. Carefully selecting the clothes, accessories, cosmetics, and skin care products you use is great for the environment, too, as it’ll result in less wastage – so you’ll be making the world a more beautiful place, too!

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