The 4 Best Hamilton Collection You Must Add to Your List

We can’t deny that there are few watch brands out there that offer high-caliber wristwatches as Hamilton Watch Company. However, there’s something impressive about Hamilton that you can’t find with its competitors. The brand has always been known and regarded as a manufacturer of watches with outstanding durability, high precision, and distinctive style. Since its inception in 1892, it has always been an expert in creating metropolitan and military types and has offered a rich history with its hundred years of existence in the world of horology.

Aside from that, the brand never fails to showcase its excellent craftsmanship by perfectly combining sophisticated innovation with its exquisite in-house top-notch movements to offer the first-ever timepiece with the highest precision that the world had ever seen. The brand also conquered the global market with some of its collections worn by famous stars in Hollywood movies. So, if you’re now looking for a first-class timepiece to buy and invest in, why not consider checking these four best collections from Hamilton. 

  • Khaki Aviation Collection

One of the iconic classic pieces that Hamilton offers is its Hamilton Khaki Aviation collection. It is a series of timepieces that were produced out of the brand’s pioneering aviation gear in 1918 and designed for the airborne postal system of the United States to keep running precisely on time. It is even the best pick watch for aspiring world travelers and professional aviators with its perfect combination of function and form.

If you’re someone who loves to move from country to country, opting to own a timepiece like the Converter Auto GMT’s handy bezel is such a great deal knowing how it can help you make time calculations at a quick pace. What’s more, its fantastic feature is its slim calf leather strap that will always provide comfort on your wrist. Meanwhile, if you want to own a timepiece with a more metropolitan style, never hesitate to buy either the Chrono Quartz and the X-Wind Day-Date Auto timepiece. The first timepiece features a chronometer and a date ticker, while the latter features a conversion dial, a day and date ticker, and stunning luminous numerals that can be used as a night-time vision. Watches under this collection price range from 592.00 USD to 3,379.00 USD.

  • Khaki Field Collection

Hamilton offers another version of a military-based inspired collection called Khaki Field Collection. It was the first-ever sought-after timepiece by many American soldiers back in 1914. This family of military watches has already proven the best watch accessory for soldiers as it has been their best guide to keep safe while still on the battlefield. Its mechanical models feature a hand-wind for extreme reliability, not even minding using any battery to constantly work even in a harsh environment. It is crafted using a hard-wearing material and a luminescent numeral to ensure it will keep you on the right track no matter how long your journey in the field.

Moreover, it is also one of the topmost robust and durable timepieces you can find on the modern market. It is a perfect watch buddy for military soldiers while working on the field and for anyone who just loves to wear a durable and functional timepiece to be used for their following sports and outdoor adventures. Khaki Field watches’ price starts around 428.00 USD up to 1,991.00 USD.

  • Jazzmaster Collection

While Hamilton is known for its classic timepieces that are indeed hard to beat, the brand could still manage to produce a wide variety of modern watches, particularly with its high-caliber Jazzmaster collection. It is a family of timepieces featuring a contemporary design that also boasted its outstanding craftsmanship and innovation. Each watch is crafted using premium materials and never disappoints to display a modern face with a touch of traditional, time-tested finishing. It is also equipped with a robust automatic movement which offers a 60-hour power reserve.

One particular model it offers is the Open Heart timepiece, which features a simple yet stunning white leather strap with four diamond indexes. It also boasts a flower-design mother of pearl dial, which adds more to its elegant beauty. You can buy a watch from the Jazzmaster collection for as low as 1,122.00 USD and as expensive as 2,121.00 USD.

  • American Classic Collection

Each timepiece under the American Classic collection displays the brand’s innovative and stylistic craftsmanship. One particular model it offers is its Intra-Matic Auto timepiece equipped with a top-notch in-house automatic movement. Its main feature is its power that can last up to 80 hours. Other models are likewise crafted from first-class materials and offer extreme durability and functionality like its Intra-Matic Auto Chrono watch, a brother of the auto flashier watch that features a stainless steel mesh wrist bracelet.

Meanwhile, one sought-after model which makes the American Classic collection so famous among watch patrons is its RailRoad Skeleton Auto timepiece. It features a simple yet sturdy stainless steel case, a glimmering silver dial, and a glamorous black calf leather strap to complete its appealing look. It is also equipped with a prime H-10-S that can store twice the power than its regular movement. But all in all, each timepiece highlights a magnetic resistance, a hybrid display, and a Roman numeral. The watch price also starts at 496.00     USD and as expensive as 3,949.00 USD.

In a Nutshell

Hamilton has always been at the forefront of creating durable, stylistic, and functional pieces of time-telling accessories. Each timepiece is equipped with first-class materials and crafted out of the brand’s excellent skills and innovative approaches. Plus, checking its extensive catalog, you can easily tell how respected the luxury watch brand Hamilton is, offering so much history and legacy in the world of horology.

They also guaranteed to offer a very functional watch, offering not just comfort to the wearers but also a high accuracy at the current time. That is why if you’re someone currently looking for an elegant and powerful timepiece to buy and invest in, opting to buy from the Hamilton collection is such a great deal.

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