Take Your Business To Another Level By Creating Product Catalog

The product catalog is set of information about the products. It is a type of marketing tool that helps businesses increase sales and earn profits. But before getting into the details of what it is and how it enhances brand awareness, take a look at the product catalog pdf template. It will make it easier for even newbies to make a great product catalog without putting much effort.


Running a wholesale or retail business is not easy at all. You have to reach out to potential customers and make a great impression on them. But how would you do that? It is practically impossible to showcase every item to potential buyers. You need a document that tells your brand story and contains all the needed information to make a buying decision.

Having a product catalog is compulsory for businesses to stand out from the crowd. It contains information about the products, features, weight, dimensions, price, availability, etc.

Making a great product catalog means you can make a great impression on potential buyers. Otherwise, he will throw it into the trash. So, make sure that you create a well-organized and visually appealing product catalog.

 Why a business needs a product catalog?

A product catalog is a document containing information about the products so that the buyer can decide whether or not to buy them. It is marketing collateral that contains information essential for the buyers to make a buying decision. The following are a few reasons why your brand needs a product catalog:

  • Having a product catalog means you do not need to share information with potential buyers through email again and again. Just send it once and wait for their response.
  • A product catalog helps reps sell as they have all the information in one place, which makes the buying process easy.
  • It is a useful document to promote a company’s brand.
  • Product catalogs help businesses improve their conversion rate.
  • When potential buyers have all the necessary information in one place, it enhances the user experience.
  • It reduces the need to train employees, retailers, and other salespeople.
  • It increases the flow of information as product catalogs are in digital form these days, and people can share them easily, which fast-forwards the buying process.

What product details should be included in the catalog?

You can make a useful product catalog only when you know what information you should include in it and whatnot. Here are a few ingredients of a product catalog:

  • Call to action:

What response do you want to get from buyers after seeing the catalog? If you want them to download and share your catalog, make an effective product catalog. Call to action approach is recommended.

  • Certifications:

You should include the details about all the certifications the product has earned, such as ISO9000, ISO 9001, etc.

  • Constituents:

Include the information about its core constituents e.g., steel, alloy, and copper, etc. bear in mind that it varies based on your industry.

  • Customer credential:

Provide reviews from the customers who have liked the product.

  • Description:

Describe your product in a way that the buyer immediately makes the decision to buy them.

  • Dimensions:

It is essential to include details about the length, height, and weight of the product.

  • Discount:

Tell the customer about the discounts you are offering.

  • Features:

Add information about the product features. Tell the customers why they should buy your products.

  • Ideal condition of usage:

 Tell the customers about the ideal conditions of use, such as temperature and surroundings, etc.

  • Guarantee/warranty:

Specify any warranty or guarantee if available.

  • Name and pictures of products:

What is the product name, and how it looks like? Use high-quality images to make a great impression of your products.

  • Price:

What is the price of your products? Mention the currency and geography applicable.

  • Returns:

Tell them about what conditions they can return your products.

  • Terms and conditions:

You should clearly tell the terms and conditions of your brand.

Is it compulsory for me to make a product catalog?

You may be running your business without a great product catalog. But you need to understand that it can increase your conversion rate. A well-organized product catalog helps you reach out to more and more customers. Hence it can take your business to another level.

But make sure that you include all the needed information in the catalog. You can make it a long document but bear in mind that it is quite frustrating for buyers to read an overly large catalog. But it does not mean that you can keep it short and skip important details.

It is highly important to keep the interest of the potential buyers in the document. So, the length of the document matters a lot. It should be visually appealing so that the buyer cannot ignore it.

Should I make an online catalog?

The era we are living in is all about technology and the internet. People search for products online and then buy them from stores and malls etc. Making an online product catalog is beneficial in many ways. It saves the cost as you do not need to print it out. You can send it through email, which saves both time and money.

An online catalog is easy to distribute across multiple social networks and sales channels. If there are any errors in the catalog or you want to update it, you have to print it out again, which increases the cost. But an online product catalog is easy to update, and you can fix the errors without any difficulty.

Summing up:

Making a catalog is easy when you know what information you should include in it. You should not include any irrelevant information in the business. Your cover page would be the first introduction of your brand, so make it effective. Use high-quality images in the catalog and hire a copywriter to describe your products in the best possible way. If you can play with words, then write a compelling copy to convince potential buyers.

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