Susan Smith’s Secet life of Drugs and Sex behind Bar And Murdered Her Two Boys


The life of infamous child killer Susan Smith has been revealed. She serves the life for drowning her two sons. She is 46 years old and spent 20 years in a South Carolina jail due to the murder of 3-year-old Michael and 14-month-old Alex in 1995.

However, she denied any involvement and claims that her kids were kidnapped by a black man while carjacking. But the story was unraveled, and she was forced to admit that she strapped her kids.

Smith was sentenced to life in prison of parole until 2024. She found her time behind bars in Leath Correctional Institute in Greenwood, S.C, married by infractions of self-mutilation, sex, and drugs.

houston cagle

houston cagle

Susan Smith first blamed a black man. She claimed he carjacked her car and sped off with the boys who were found Strapped into her car at the bottom of a lake. She had sex with a couple of guards for the last 22 years.

At the age of 28, she had to have sex with 50-year-old prison guard Houston Cagle who was later jailed for three months for the affair.
In the same year, captain Alfred Rower was also pleaded guilty to having sex with Smith and sentenced to five years.

Moreover, she has run afoul of drug rues and caught with marijuana and narcotics. Smooth was disciplined in 2010 and 2015 for the offenses and lost privileges for more than a year. In these privileges, Visitation, canteen and telephone privileges are included.

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She said she made up to protect the boy’s loved ones, not to protect herself. I don’t know how to tell the people how much I loved Michael and Alex.

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Susan Smith was convicted in 1995 and sentenced to life for killing her two sons. She is up for parole in 2024, when she will be 53. Smith has been disciplined five times for offenses that included self-mutilation.
They have resulted in a demotion from her position as the senior groundskeeper. She was working as a landscape laborer. I just planned to kill myself and leave a note behind about what had happened. She said She did not believe that I could face my family when the truth was revealed.
She wrote I am not the monster, and I am far from it. Smith’s boys disappeared in1994 and told deputies that an unidentified black man had taken them during a carjacking. Smith wept on national television as she begged for a safe return.

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Susan Smith spent the last two days in prison, but she was not in her right mind when she killed the boys. Smith wrote Something went wrong that night, and I was a good mother and loved my boys. I was not in my right mind.

She killed her boys because she wanted to stay with the man who would recently break off their affair, Tom Findley. Moreover, she said it is a hurtful feeling that people think I hurt my children to be with a man that is so far from the truth.

According to the report, she had a troubled life behind bars. She has not exhibited little desire to put back the pieces of her fractured life. Former Director of the South Carolina Department Jon Ozminy told the state, “ Most murderers are one-time, the crime of passion people. They end up becoming good people.” Ozmint described her as the vain manipulative.

Furthermore, Ozmint said, “Smith is truly a narcissist, and she thrives on the media’s attention. Someone like that and did not want to feed that narcissism. I would not give her any extra undue attention.” On the events in 2000, Ozmint said she should not be left alone with male officers.

houston cagle

houston cagle

David Smith was seen with a picture of his murdered sons Michael and Alex. He smiles after his ex-wife Smith was sentenced to life imprisonment. Ozmint told the state we were back and arrested a captain and a lieutenant for having improper relations with her.

They lost their jobs and found ways to continue her jailhouse delinquency instead transferred to Leath Correctional Institute in Greenwood. Stephanie Hulsey told national Enquirer Smith killed herself at 40 when she slashed her wrists with a razor.

Hulsey said there was blood everywhere, and she was weeping, but that was not crying out in pain. She used to say you don’t feel pain when you cut; cutting takes all the pain away. Hulsey recalled a jailhouse girlfriend who Smooth kept to male paramours with whom she kept in touch via letters.

According to Hulsey, her liver was a big woman who looks like a man. The woman asked that one male pen pal sent Smith thousands of dollars.


Susan told disputes they had 3-year-old Michael and 14-month-old Alex, who disappeared Oct. 25Oct. 25, 1994. They had been taken by the unidentified black man during a carjacking and wept on national television and begged for their safe return.
After nine days, Smith was confused, and boys’ bodes were found in the car.

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The young sons of Smith murdered in 1997 sits beside the lake in which boys were drowned. She was convicted in July 1995. Tommy Pope sought the death penalty and considered the case a loss.

The lawyers tried to save her life and brought the testimony she had sex with her stepfather and other men. She was so depressed and committed suicide with her sons.  However, she decided to jump out after the emergency brake.

She started a relationship with Tom Findley in 1994, with whom she was having an affair and broke things off. He said he don’t want the children.

On Oct. 25Oct. 25 1994, she drowned Alex and Michael in the car and eased off a lake boat access ramp. According to Smith, she was carjacked by a black man who drove off with the boys. She and her husband David appear on national TV, and Smith begged for the boys’ safe return.

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On Nov. 3Nov. 3 1994, divers recovered the boys’ dead body beneath 18 feet of water. The jury finds their mother guilty on two counts of murder, and she went to life sentences.

Smith was found guilty and caught in illegal activities and involved in sex acts with two correctional officers. Both officers were fired, and Smith received revocation of 45 days of recreational privileges and 75 days of canteen privileges.


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