Summer Monteys Fullam Ex of Paul Hollywood Reveals She is Planning to SUE the Bake off Star


Paul Hollywood’s ex-girlfriend revealed that she is planning to sue the Great British Bake-off a star. According to Barmaid, she is pursuing legal action after claiming that she is courting publicity and trying to cash in on their split.

Summer Monteys Fullam dumped Paul when he asked to sign a non-disclosure agreement. According to this agreement, she would not be able to discuss their relationship.

summer monteys-fullam

The post consisted of text only in which Summer wrote that I am disappointed and distressed by Paul’s false and highly defamatory statements since our breakup.

Therefore, I have had no option to instruct my solicitors Brett Wilson LLP to pursue legal proceedings against Paul to obtain vindication. I never think about courted publicity over my relationship with Paul; that’s why really disappointed that the relationship has ended. I would not make further comments on this matter.

summer monteys-fullam
summer monteys-fullam
Paul took to Instagram to accuse Summer of trying to dupe the public and trying to cash in on their split after attempting to play games. He said, ” Thank you for your messages I have been receiving. It means a lot, and my silence on any matter does not mean I am weak. The agreement of what been said, I prefer a quiet life from my day job.”
Furthermore, he also said, Take What’s read with a pinch of salt and read between the lines. The public can’t be duped into believing what’s out there from making money selling stories and continuously courting the paps.
There are always two sides to a story, and you have only heard one. I don’t like these games. The star was calling in the locksmith at his £1.2 million Kent home. The workers changed keypads when Summer moved out of the property.
summer monteys-fullam

Summer Monteys Fullam dumped the GBBO star and asked her to sign a gagging order. It happened after his divorce from his wife, Alexandra. She hit back in an Instagram post and insisting that It was not the leaked story about the non-disclosure agreement.

Moreover, she claimed that she felt so betrayed by the NDA with how much pressure Paul and his lawyers put me under to sign it. She pleased that the story had been published to warn other women about these documents’ horrendous implications.

summer monteys-fullam

summer monteys-fullam

summer monteys-fullam

summer monteys-fullam

The Barmaid who met him while working in Hollywood’s local told that she had been thrown under the bus by her ex-boyfriend. Summer stormed out of the property that she shared with Paul and ended their 20 monthly relationships.

They were rowing over who would keep their £35 chicken named Karen and Summer won the Fowl’s custody. She took Instagram to give her worried followers an update on the bird and reassure them she was safe and well.

summer monteys-fullam

The things turned nasty, and Pul appeared to have the locks changed outside his £1.2 million Kent home. Hollywood agreed to give summer Monteys Fullam to give Summer custody of their rottweiler horses and puppy.

Some extravagant purchases were made by Paul, including a £100,000 Range Rover SVR, a £9,000 hot tub for her birthday, and a £9,000 ring. Summer talks freely about her ex after she flat out refused to sign the NDA agreement and split from him,
summer monteys-fullamIn 2015, Paul and his wife Alexandra decided on the separation, and he requested a non-disclosure agreement that was also part of their divorce settlement. However, first, he organized a birthday party for his wife at the local pub in Ickham, Kent, where she worked. The couple ended their 19 years marriage in 2017.

summer monteys-fullam

A judge granted Paul and his wife a decree nisi after their separation. Alexandra filed for divorce because Paul had committed adultery. Judge Robert Duddridge ruled that his estranged wife found it intolerable to live with the chef. No doubt she wants half of the star’s cash after she accused him of adultery.

According to the family source, there are more like months rather than weeks. Paul is not prepared to give Alex the reasonable Sum that she is entitled to at this stage. Paul had a fling with tv chef Marcela Valladolid in 2013 during the American Baking competition but apologized to Alex, and they briefly reconciled.

summer monteys-fullam

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