Stress: Follow These 8 Steps to Get Relieved 


Almost everyone knows that stress is bad. It affects physical and mental health and can be incredibly harmful. It sets the stage for other health issues like type 2 diabetes, sleeplessness, and other conditions in victims.

Sadly, stress seems to be part of our world and daily life. Relationships, career, family, and society are potential sources of stress. This makes it essential to consider healthy ways to handle stress. Having an arsenal of tips to cope with stress can be incredibly helpful.

This is better than resorting to an unhealthy coping mechanism for stress like alcohol, smoking, binge eating, etc. While these approaches might provide temporary relief, it does not get rid of stress in the long run. As a result, here are eight steps you can engage in coping with stress:

Consider Natural Means

At times, you might need external support for stress relief. You can turn to various natural supplements to help relieve stress.

Based on research, kratom is one such natural supplement that users will find incredibly helpful to relieve stress. Consumption of kratom leaves can improve mood and reward you with a positive attitude about life.

It is from the coffee family, and its effect is similar to opioid drugs. Mitragynine, one of the alkaloids in kratom, can link to opioid receptors in the brain, manifest via regulated mood, and better handle stress.

Green vein Borneo kratom is one of the many kratom strains that helps enhance mood and reduce anxiety in users.



Meditation is as old as civilization. This ancient health tool rewards users with a series of benefits. In addition to fighting stress, it lifts mood, fights depression, improves sleep, balances energy level, and can help fight chronic pain.

All you need to do is find a comfortable position in a quiet place without distraction. You could be seated or lying and focus your attention on a phrase, an object, or the rhythmic movement of your chest. Plant therapy can also be helpful. The practice aims to bring your attention to the moment without judging your thoughts as they come and go.

Get Outside

There is a belief, based on research that early morning vitamin D from the sun might raise your level of feel-good hormone – serotonin. In addition, there is an unexplainable feeling of being in nature that boosts mood and mental health.

Simply watching as the bird sings and the breeze flows through your skin has a way of improving your mental health. In addition to the chance of scenery and the opportunity to leave the comfort of your personal space, some indications going outside helps manage stress and anxiety.

If going outside often seems too much, why not bring the outdoors inside by adding plants to your living space. It can also reduce stress levels and lift your mood.

Get Moving

There is more to exercise than building lean muscle and reducing body fat. Exercise might be the best way to reduce stress. When you exercise, you get an influx of feel-good hormones – endorphins. In return, your sleep improves, signs of depression reduce, your energy level increases, and you also remain calm and focused, which helps reduce stress.

You do not need a class at the fitness center before you exercise. Simply taking a walk or brisk walking can help. If you are too busy for that, you can incorporate exercise into your daily life by walking or cycling to the grocery store or taking every opportunity to use the stairs. Exercise benefits you in various ways, and stress reduction is just the tip of the iceberg.

exercise for weight

Take a Deep Breathe

One of the training military men relieve that helps them stay calm on the battlefield is the practice of deep breathing. It has a way of calming the nerves when you are in an intense situation.

The idea is that when tensed, the breath is short and shallow, signaling to the brain that there is a problem. However, breathing deeply tricks the brain and every body organ receiving oxygen that everything is normal. This oxygenates your body, which clears the body and mind.

You can practice this by breathing in and out slowly while seated, concentrating on your lungs, and ensuring it expands fully as the air fills it up.

Spend time with People

At times, stress leads to anxiety and depression that makes people withdraw from a social situation. However, spending time with a loved one has a way of improving the mood, making it easy to manage stress.

With the perfect support network from friends and family, they can help relieve your trouble and provide a different perspective on situations. Simply spending time playing, talking, going to the movies, or laughing with them can be an excellent stress buster.

Try Mindfulness

While many of the stress-busting tips provided in this article might provide immediate relief, mindfulness involves lifestyle changes that will benefit your entire health in the long run.

It involves bringing yourself to the moment, observing situations and thoughts without judging them. The practice aims to tune users into the sensations around, like sights, smells, or sensations you will typically ignore. You focus on the present moment without thinking back to the past and accept whatever feeling comes with judging or fighting it.

The practice increases your ability to cope with pain, reduce stress, and helps improve brain function.

woman-meditating in the outdoors

Take a Time Out

At times, the best way to manage stress might be to take a step away from everything – work, family, and other obligations. This is why many reputable organizations give vacation since they know their workers need time to recharge.

Even if going on vacation seems far-fetched, take some time out occasionally. It can be as simple as going to the movies, taking a long and relaxing bath, watching a sitcom, or doing whatever relaxes you. This is about a “me-time” where you ignore everything and focus on taking care of yourself.


Rather than resorting to medication or other unhealthy habits to cope with stress, here are eight steps that can help handle stress effectively.

Faheem Haydar
Faheem Haydar
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