Starting Your Running Journey

Now more than ever, finding ways to stay in shape without visiting a packed gym. Deciding to take on running as a form of exercise is one of the easiest, yet most effective, things that you can do.

It also gives you the opportunity to spend time outside in the fresh air and challenges you to take on new routes each time. It is anything but boring and you can do a lot to intensify your workout. For example, you can use ankle weights, or even use a weighted bag, to make it more difficult. You could even challenge yourself to run up hills and walk down hills. The options are basically endless.

You do not need to start big, simply going on daily walks to build up your strength and endurance will suffice. We have even compiled a list of helpful tips to get you started.

5 tips to start running

Invest in a pair of shoes that fit properly

While you do not need equipment to start running, a good pair of running shoes will go a long way. Try to have them properly fitted at your local sportswear store to prevent injury. Additional items to add to your list is running socks and comfortable clothing.

Listen to – and understand – your body

Start with simple exercises, if you aren’t ready to run then start by walking. Do not be afraid to slow it down every once in a while, and switch between walking, jogging and running. Find a comfortable pace to start with and as you progress, step it up a notch. If you feel pain at any point, rather stop.

Your goal should be time, not distance

As you start, give yourself a time limit. Rather look at taking a 20-minute walk than a two kilometre one. It is a more realistic way to start and will give you an idea of what you are capable of. Once you have an idea of your average pace, you can look into distance-based goals.

Give cross training a try

To prevent boredom, you may want to incorporate different exercises into your routine. Swimming or biking can help you get fitter and stronger by challenging different areas of your body.

Take it a day at a time

Progress takes time, so do not try to rush it by taking on too much too soon. The goal is self-improvement, so do not be afraid to take it easy some days. Rest days are also important as it gives your body time to recover and prevents injury.

It all starts with a single step

When it comes to starting a new hobby like running, the most important thing is to take that first initial step and work your way up from there. Just like when you check this site, you’ll start with a simple bet and go from there. As you become more familiar with your newfound exercise, find ways to continue challenging yourself to prevent boredom or a plateau. 

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