Star Wars: 7 Best Luke Skywalker Costumes Throughout the Franchise Ranked


In addition to the fact that there are very few franchises as big as Star Wars, and there are even fewer characters as memorable and iconic as Luke Skywalker himself, there are very few franchises that can compete.

Luke Skywalker first appeared on the silver screen in 1977 in an all-white ensemble with a dreamy desert landscape backdrop, with the iconic two suns in the distance on Tatooine in space, as the first character created by George Lucas and appearing in the groundbreaking and world-altering A New Hope.

Although more of his costumes deserve the same recognition, very few have made such an impactful entrance in such a lasting costume. It should be noted that Luke has a wide variety of stylish fits and some significant flops, much like his fashion icon mother. This list consists of the most exemplary and terrible of his costumes, designed by Johann Molloando and Michael Kaplan.

A farmboy’s dream

Honestly, as far as awful outfits are concerned, this one isn’t all that terrible, and as previously mentioned, it is his most easily recognizable costume. This outfit was designed to suit Luke’s environment and occupation as a moisture farmer. In other words, it is not intended to be the ultra-sleek, brand-new futuristic clothing typically seen in science fiction but rather to be worn in a shabby, well-used, and reflective manner that is representative of Luke’s isolated environment.

In addition to the Japanese fashion influence, this outfit is also known to have been inspired by the loose-fitting robes that are a staple of the wardrobes of both samurai and farmers. Although the outfit might be helpful, it is still somewhat ill-fitting and lacks any authentic flavor, just like its porridge color palette, which also lacks any authentic flavor.

Even though Hamill can still sell it because he is so actually in the original trilogy (his iconic 70s fluffy blonde curls can even put Farrah Fawcett to shame), the outfit itself isn’t that memorable on its own. Sure, it’s remarkable, but Luke has risen above and beyond when rocking out.

Make fashion out of surviving a plane crash

As a vision in orange, Luke Skywalker’s X-Wing pilot uniform is a stylish addition to any rebel fighter in space’s wardrobe, and it’s the perfect way to incorporate the iconic Star Wars spacey look into your wardrobe without being too distracting or making you look too alien. The matching helmet, with its light orange and almost yellow visor, is fabulous and helps tie the ensemble together as it adds to the overall impression.

As he usually sticks to the familiar colors of blacks, whites, and dazzling neutrals that range from grey-beige to beige-eggshell in the films, seeing Luke in color as bright as orange is always a lovely surprise, as he usually stays away from using bright colors in the movie, so seeing him in such a bright color as orange is always a pleasant surprise.

Ski-resort Ready

As it is, finding clothing that suits the hostile climate of Hoth and ensures you will not freeze to death is difficult. The question is, how do you ensure that your fit is cohesive and stylish simultaneously? This is an even more difficult task than the one I mentioned earlier. In the end, Luke manages to excel in both areas and wears an outfit that he can wear when climbing the slopes of a five-star ski resort, as well as when he’s inside the warm body of a tauntaun, to reduce the risk of hypothermia.

Despite Snowbunny Luke’s experience on Tatooine’s arid planet, he has an innate sense of style that sometimes comes in handy not only when it comes to surviving different biomes and fighting yeti-like creatures such as the Wampa but also when it comes to making sure that his look is just as ice-cold as his surroundings.

Silver Fox Jedi

For the first time in decades, the character Luke Skywalker dramatically returns to the silver screen in the 2015 film The Force Awakens. Luke wears a much more refined and sophisticated version of his first outfit this time. It matches the original’s color scheme and style but with a more tailored fit. This allows Luke to demonstrate further his Jedi identity and sense of fashion that has developed over the years.

The epitome of aging like fine wine and allowing your fashion to flourish alongside your maturity and skills is Luke. The design is simple but clean, with a silhouette that clearly defines Luke as a wise mentor figure for Rey in the third installment in the Star Wars

trilogy, just as Obi-Wan was in the film’s original trilogy (although he didn’t look nearly so good at the time). He is draped in a full cloak that is dramatically and elegantly lifted to reveal his flowing, silver locks. It’s a move that even Tyra Banks would find intimidating. Luke is the epitome of allowing your fashion to flourish alongside your maturity and skills.

Red Carpet Glam

Luke is not usually one to experiment with colors. This is because Luke does not usually experiment with color. Therefore, his first appearance in yellow is just as exciting as his 500th appearance. In the first film, he wears this jacket when Princess Leia awards him a medal alongside Han Solo and Chewbacca.

However, they do not even try to wear a new outfit for such a special occasion. It is possible to give Chewbacca a pass because he does not even have clothing, but Han has no excuse at all – where is his sense of style?

In addition to wearing a cute jacket and knee-length black boots, Luke also sports a medal that matches Han’s (even more adorable), and he even sports an award that shines against the black shirt and complements the yellow in his shirt quite nicely. As much as I wish Luke had worn more color in the movies, I always enjoy seeing the tinges of splashes of color that we get to see.

Chanel Boots

It is, without a doubt, Luke’s most iconic outfit, his all-black suit, his all-match, all-slay suit worn in the final film in the original trilogy, Return of the Jedi. This is one of Luke’s favorite outfits and is the go-to look when it’s time to convince your evil father to stop terrorizing the galaxy.

It would help if you also left the dark side. He still manages to look handsome while doing so. As a Jedi, Luke’s choice to wear black over all-white clothes shows his change as a person and as a Jedi and his reluctance to follow in his father’s footsteps and become seduced by the power of the dark side, showing his growth as a person and as a Jedi.

Luke is dressed in a costume resembling Darth Vader’s famous black robes. However, a small amount of white on his shirt emphasizes the remaining light and goodness that lives within him, as in his father. Luke understands well that your words are only as effective as your outfit, and you can only overthrow an evil galactic empire with fresh kicks, such as knee-length riding boots from Chanel, to wear as you fight evil forces.

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