Stacey Hampton was engaged to Rebels bikie boss and Kicked Out Her Husband

Stacey Hampton was engaged to a Rebels bikie boss who is the culprit of two nightclub bouncers. The blonde bombshell dated the Adelaide president Shane Michael Smith, but she split with him in July 2017 before the brutal assaults. The 25 years old Stacey branded the “ Bride from Hell”, and she snubbed her husband, Michael Goonan, saying that hew was what I usually go for.

Married at first sight’s, Stacey Hampton was engaged to Rebels Bikie Boss Shane Michael Smith. She shares a picture with two sons and Michael smith. Smith is a tattooed fitness trainer, and Stacey admits that she attracted to masculine men with tattoos.

She attracted to Smith with a vast, intricate design stretching across her stomach and right thigh and smaller pieces around the body. Stacey is 11 years younger than Smith and told that she was in her 20s when they met.

Stacey Hampton

During the interview with Daily Mail Australia, she said, she was very young and fell in love and tried to make it a world for kids. Moreover, she also admitted that Smith is a great dad, and she had no regret. They shared sons Kruz and Kosta and appeared on Monday’s night episode. When his friends give a compliment about his glamorous partner, then he wrote along with two heart emojis “ That’s Stacie Hampton, My Wife.”

Smith was convicted in February 2019 and fined $3500 for assaulting two bouncers outside a nightclub in Bendigo on 6th August 2017.

He avoided jail after a magistrate dismissed an affray charge. Bendigo Magistrate court heard Smith was at the Universal club in the northern Victorian town with other Rebels. A fight started between the bikies and revelers on the dance floor after an altercation in the smokers’ area.

Stacey Hampton

The court heard Smith threw punches at security and then “ King Hit” a bouncer in the face that pushed his head and kicked him as he lay on the ground. The melee left a transgender patron unconscious in the local hospital’s intensive care unit for nine hours and another combatant with a broken jaw. He had already committed violent crimes and originally slapped with ten charges, but police dropped seven of them.

Moreover, he said there was no community interest in jailing Smith before receiving treatment for his anger issues. Stacey was not impressed by 28 years old Michael Goonan who she married. She told the media he was not her type or someone I would want to date.

Moreover also added that he is not ugly, I don’t think he is ugly, but he is not what I normally go for. Smith posted a collage of his wife, two sons, and his daughter from an earlier relationship.

Later, she learned from her bridesmaid Carla that he had a successful business and decided to give him a second chance. She said before planting a kiss on his lips, “I’ m not actually rude to this, I was so tired, and I had no energy. I want to get to know you.”

Stacey Hampton

After the reception, Stacey kicked Michael out of their hotel’s bed and told him to sleep on the sofa by saying that we are done now for the night.

Stacey went on Married at First sight because men are too intimidated by her as she has two young children. Stacey said in a promo series, “I’m quite intimidating to men, so I have not had the time nor the opportunity to be taken seriously by someone.”

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