Shane Smith Rebels Bikie Member and Ex-Husband of Former Star Stacey Hampton Is No More With Us


Rebels Bikie Boss named Shane Smith died in a motorcycle accident. He was riding a motorcycle, and due to the loss of his consciousness, he had a severe accident in his motorcycle crash.

Stacey Hampton was engaged to Rebels bikie boss and Kicked Out Her Husband

On Wednesday Morning back a year ago, Shane Smith was riding his motorcycle with a passenger who is 45 years old man. After the accident, Shane Smith died on the spot, as per reported by the news channel. While the old man was severely injured with injuries and fighting the battle of his life in the hospital’s critical care unit.

The reaction of His Ex-Wife – Stacey Hampton, on Husband’s Death

In the show “Married at First Sight” season seven in 2020, Stacey Hampton shared a heartfelt message about her former boyfriend from her biker days. She’s staying strong for their sons. Stacey and this mandated starting when she was 19 and broke up in July 2017. A month later, he got into trouble for attacking two nightclub security staff.

Stacey Hampton was engaged to Rebels bikie boss and Kicked Out Her Husband

She tributed her Ex-husband as one of the most influential persons in her life. She added that her two kids are so sad and going through a challenging phase of their lives after the shocking death of their father.

Remember that Shane and Smith got separated in 2017, but they were still in touch for co-parenting purposes. Both of them ever affected their broken relationship on the upbringing of their children. They played the roles of parents with all of their best, and in this way, children had a significant loss after losing their kind and supportive father.

Heartbreaking Message of Stacey Humpton

Stacey Hampton was engaged to Rebels bikie boss and Kicked Out Her Husband

Stacey Hampton told Nine News that his Ex-husband is now resting with his family members and friends. She further added that he was a devoted dad and loved his kids and his parents deeply. We including his family and my kids are deeply saddened, and things will never be the same without him.

Moreover, she also confessed that he was a man of pure heart and soul. He truly cared for his family and friends and had a big heart. 

On his Facebook, Smith said he was genuine and faithful to those who were loyal to him. He believed in the motto “One club, one life, family is everything.”

With his passing, the number of road deaths in South Australia in 2022 has reached approximately 52. His heartbroken sister was one of the people who placed flowers in memory at Redwood Park. The person with Smith on the bike, a 45-year-old man, was seriously hurt but is expected to survive. But this pure soul is no more with us, and we are not okay with this reality as we can’t see him again.

Closing Thoughts

The 38-years old famous and well-known Shane Smith Rebels Bikie Member left this world at a very early age by a tragedic turn of events. His death is not only a matter of loss and grief for his family, but all of his colleagues and even his EX-wife also felt heart-wrenching the event of his death.

All the social media forums and news channels broadcasted this news with the messages and responses of his loved ones. We can’t get him back to us again, but we can remember all his efforts as a good person forever.

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