Some Significant Tips to Make Makeup Last All Day in the Summer

Makeup products and routines will also tend to change with the weather heating up. In summer, most of us face a lot of sweating that deteriorates our makeup. However, you can manage it by selecting the right products suitable for summer.

Moreover, almost all the makeup artists go for superlight, creamy, and sheer products in summer. Hence, creamy products stay longer on your face even when you sweat. Besides, powdery products are often not suitable in summer times because they may slip or slide off your face on exposure to heat.

Therefore, it is better to opt for creamy products. These products will give your skin a glowing and dewy look. Furthermore, the use of sweatproof or water-resistant products can prevent makeup destruction due to oil and sweating.

Thus, the first important thing to make your makeup long-lasting is a selection of the right products. Fortunately, in Pakistan, different online websites deliver genuine makeup products of various brands. Thus, you can get every brand of makeup at affordable prices.

Moreover, these websites also offer delivery that makes your life convenient. You don’t have to go outside shopping in this blazing summer heat. Instead, order your whole makeup regime at home. Furthermore, these websites often offer amazing sales, such as Bagallery, Trulykomal, etc. You can get an entire makeup regime at a reasonable price through these sale offers.

Furthermore, different brands partner with various applications, such as Savyour, to make online shopping more convenient for you. These apps provide cashback and discounts on shopping from the partnered brand by using the apps.

Tips for Flawless Makeup:

This blog post will discuss different steps that make your makeup last longer for a whole day in the burning summer heat.

Setting a Solid Foundation:

  • Wash your Face:

For good makeup, first, wash your face with face wash or soap and apply a cleanser before applying makeup. It will remove all dirt particles, sweat, and oil from the skin. Hence, makeup stays for longer on a clean and cleansed face.

Apply an Oil-free Moisturizer:

The key to long-lasting makeup is properly prepared skin. Thus, before applying makeup, first prepare your skin. Moisturizing your skin is the best way to hydrate your skin in this cracking summer heat. Furthermore, moisturizing your skin makes it healthy, and healthy skin can retain makeup for a longer time.

During summer, always choose an oil-free moisturizer and apply it on your face in the morning before applying makeup. Furthermore, opt for a product that suits your skin type. In addition, according to the weather, choose a moisturizer with built-in SPF for sun protection.

Go for a Liquid Foundation:

During summer, a liquid foundation can stay longer than a powdery one. Go for a sheer and light brand in the liquid foundation range that gives you a natural look. It will also reduce sweating and keep your makeup intact. Look for a matte and long-lasting liquid foundation because a matte foundation reduces the shine.

Use Light Coverage of Foundation:

In summer, it is good to apply less makeup as possible. Thus, use a thin layer of foundation on your face. Instead of applying foundation on the entire face, focus on covering the discoloration and blemishes. Consequently, you will achieve a perfect light look suitable for summer.

Conceal Lightly:

It’s not just to use a concealer. However, if you use concealer, then apply only a small amount. Try to focus on the areas with discoloration, blemishes, and spots. Moreover, you can use tinted concealer for best results.

Doing your Eyes and Lips:

  • Opt for Waterproof Eye Makeup:

No doubt, summer is full of sweating and sebaceous oil. Therefore, to cope with the issue of sweating, it is best to use a waterproof makeup regime. You can get an entire package of waterproof eye makeup from online stores.

Furthermore, various brands offer exciting sales on different products to make online shopping convenient such as Bagallery, Trulykomal, etc. Thus, grab your favorite products without putting any dent in your wallet.

Apply an Eye Shadow Primer:

Make sure to use an eye primer before applying eye shadow. It will reduce the creasing. Furthermore, it will also allow eye makeup to stick for a long time. Hence, it isn’t easy to retain eye shadow naturally in extreme heat.

Use Cream-based Eye Shadow:

In summers, the best is to skip the eye makeup. However, if you can’t skip eye makeup, then the best is to opt for a cream-based eye shadow. A creamy eye shadow will tend to stay longer than a powdery one. Moreover, apply a thin layer of eye shadow to make a natural look.

Keep your Lip Makeup Nude:

A nude makeup look is always the best for hot weather. It always seems great to have a natural makeup look. Thus, use soft, nude lipstick shades that mimic natural lip color. Furthermore, you can also use invisible lipstick to give your lips a natural and smooth look.


Undoubtedly, the summer season gives a tough time retaining makeup for a longer time. However, with the right products and proper implementation, these products will help make your makeup long-lasting. Furthermore, it is always good to create a natural look in summer.

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