Some of the best Hero vs Hero fights in anime?


Probably because of how strong your guy is. His power in hero terms is second only to all might, which makes sense. Moreover, few heroes can go toe to toe with him, let alone win. Hence he is, without a doubt, one of the strongest heroes in the series.

Here you will get some of them as under:

Naruto vs Sasuke Round 1

There are points in Naruto when Sasuke Uchiha qualifies as a villain, but this comes after his showdown with Naruto Uzumaki. This battle – which takes place at the end of the first Naruto series – isn’t about good vs evil. It’s about Naruto trying desperately to persuade his best friend to give up his desire to train under Orochimaru and get revenge on his brother. Naruto wants him to return to Konoha, where he can lead an everyday life.

Naruto vs Sasuke Round

The two fight as equals, using everything they’ve learned during their separation – including the cursed seal techniques Sasuke learned from Orochimaru. However, the scuffle ends with Naruto unconscious and Sasuke victorious. He decides not to kill Naruto, even though doing so could awaken his Mangekyo Sharingan and make him more powerful. Instead, he vows to gain power on his own. It’s an emotionally charged battle between two rivals and friends.

Yami vs Yugi

At the end of Yu-Gi-Oh!, Yugi Muto and Atem, the ancient Egyptian spirit living in his body since the show’s start, must duel against each other for the first and end time. If Yugi wins, they will finally lay the pharaoh’s spirit to rest. If Atem defeats, he must stay on earth for another 5,000 years.

Yami vs Yugi

Neither one wants to leave the other, but Atem also likes to rest his soul correctly. They play the game to the best of their abilities, letting their skills speak for themselves. After a long and emotional battle, Yugi wins using Silent Magician LV5, and the two prepare to say goodbye forever.

Luffy vs Usopp

Luffy and Usopp have been close friends since the beginning of One Piece, but a painful rift forms between them when they can’t agree on what to do when Going Merry – their beloved sentient ship – cannot be repaired. However, Luffy accepts the truth and gets a new boat, while Usopp considers this a betrayal of everything they stand for. He challenges Luffy to a fight. Usopp uses every weapon and trick in the book.

Luffy vs Usopp

He tells Luffy he’s bleeding, which lowers Luffy’s guard. He shoots off explosives at his friend. Luffy survives all of Usopp’s furious attacks, finishing the fight with a blow to the chest. The war ends with Usopp keeping the ship and Luffy leaving. Their parting is devastating, and both lament the loss of their friendship.

Midoriya vs Bakugou Round 2

Izuku and Katsuki fight several times throughout Hero Academia, but none stands out as much as this battle. Katsuki suspects something is happening between his rival and their mutual hero, All Might, and he’s had enough of being kept in the dark.

Midoriya vs Bakugou Round 2

He’s also emotionally scarred from the time he was kidnapped by the League of Villains and feels All Might’s downfall as a hero is his fault. He expresses these turbulent feelings by challenging Izuku to a fight at night. Izuku accepts because he feels he owes his friend at least that much. The war itself is badass – the two launch everything they’ve learned about their respective quirks at each other.

But what’s spectacular about this fight is that the two communicate their feelings through the war. Afterward, All Might takes responsibility for neglecting Katsuki’s feelings about being kidnapped and tells him that he passed his powers to Izuku and made him his successor.

Kenshin vs Saito

Kenshin Himura and Hajime Saito are two fierce foes with a years-long rivalry. When Saito tries to fight Kenshin to join a coalition to defeat Shishio, he becomes distracted. Instead of sticking to the original mission, Saito tries to prove his strength against Kenshin.

Kenshin vs Saito

The fight is so extreme that Kenshin taps his suppressed power from his Hitokiri Battousai days. Moreover, the war ends when Okubo Toshimichi steps in. He asks them to stop fighting and work together for the good of their nation. Kenshin and Saito are good people who value helping others, so they put their conflicts aside for the greater good.

Genos vs Saitama

The battle between Saitama and Genos isn’t due to a significant rift between the two – it’s a sparring match designed to figure out just how powerful Saitama truly is. Saitama starts the fight by dodging Genos’s attacks.

Furthermore, it annoys Genos, who wants his mentor to take the battle seriously. Eventually, Saitama steps it up a notch. He sends a punch straight toward Genos’s face, but he stops. Just short of killing him, and instead blasts a hole through multiple mountains with the wind force of his fist. Genos is shocked and impressed by his mentor’s raw power, but all Saitama cares about is grabbing lunch.

Genos vs Saitama

Gundam Wing is full of moments where characters deal with PTSD following the trauma of war. After Quatre Winner’s father is killed in front of his eyes, he becomes unstable. However, it gets even worse when they connect to the Zero System, which allows him to merge his brain with a mobile suit.

He can’t take the stress and ends up destroying a satellite and a civilian colony – thankfully, it’s one that had already been evacuated. His comrade Trowa Barton has to stop his rampage, which he does by trying to block one of Quatre’s attacks. Trowa dies in the explosion created by the attack. The same happens when Heero Yuy goes on a destructive rampage, and Quatre must stop him. Life is tough for child soldiers.

Sanada Yukimura vs Date Masamune

Sanada Yukimura and Date Masamune might be warriors from different clans, but they often fight the same enemy – the cruel Nobunaga Oda. Though they’re generally on the same side, they consider each other rivals and frequently try to display their Might to each other for honor.

Sanada Yukimura vs Date Masamune

In one particularly memorable and well-animated battle, the two duke it out using their swords. They battle over the right to kill a mutual enemy, the general of Imagawa.

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