Some Interior Design Ideas For A Large Living Room: Get Here!

One should start decorating their living room with love and the selection of the best design. The interior design ideas for your living room can be done with some of the smart planning and smart thinking. Make sure you have placed the furniture pieces in the right place and have decorated it well. In that scenario, you can seek help from the best interior decorator.

We often take the living room for granted. It is the place where we make most of our living. However, it is a space that serves multiple purposes and pleases various personalities. It is a place for parties and the perfect location for movie nights.

It is a harbor where you can catch your breath after a long tiring day and space where families get together through the thick and thin and celebrate each other’s company. I will give you a look at what the dream living room needs to shine.

According to a study, there are a few key elements that every living room must contain. There is the couch, large and comfortable enough to make capacity for everyone in the family to sit. Then there is the accent furniture that will make the space pop. And we cannot forget the TV that serves as the hearth of the home in this digital age.

But what differentiates one living room from another? It is all about the personality and pieces you gather in the space. Here are the parts which are critical in a dream living room and when it comes to your design, which can make all the difference.

The living room is the opening entrance to your home. The guests, your friends, relatives come and sit in the drawing-room at first. When you have time to relax, you often tend to find comfort in this part of the home. This space must be designed and decorated, keeping in mind its purpose and also aesthetic beauty. So how to do it?

The Purpose

Define the space by its purpose? How will you use the room? You will sit and relax there. Therefore, you will have some casual time and the area that you will use as a precise sitting room for your guests. You know the purpose, now start planning what the items that you want to include in the place are. Do not make the room clutter; always keep some visible open space.

The Furniture

I think the furniture is like the dress or the special attired, which can cover up the blank space. What is the furniture you “need” here? You can install a sofa set, maybe a five sitter if the room is not that small. I prefer to keep the color of the sofa simple, some nude shades so that it can go well with any ambiance.

The sofa set can be used for relaxation, and also for formal sitting. You can install a sofa cum bed; this kind of multifunctioning items can save a lot of space. You can use up the wall by installing book cabinets or a bookshelf.

If the room is small, then keep the shelf open (without doors). You can experiment with some contrast here. Go bold with an asymmetrical balance, where you attract the vision through the different features of the room. Juxtapose the sofa sets with some formal chairs with simpler cushions. Keep a center table in between with an accent piece. If the living room is large, then you can even squeeze out a private bar.

Place a crescent-shaped table, keep the colorful bottles of drinks and glasses in the wall cabinets. Make the doors of the cabinets transparent so that the containers can be seen. It looks elegant. Keep the furniture simple.

A Focal Point

Whatever the room is, space must have a focal point. The area should have something (natural or inbuilt), which attracts the vision of the guest and creates interest to enter the room. The focal point makes the space look appealing and welcoming.

An Accent Color Love Seat Or Sofa

One of the most important and fun pieces for your dream living room is the sofa or accent love seat. While you might want to go for more traditional with your primary couch color, this is a place to have some fun. With maximal trending, who says you can’t get a jewel-toned sofa or luxurious velvet? Or a boldly patterned upholstery? It is your opportunity to dream something up in your head, and then buy it for your home.

All this to say, your accent furniture is a place to showcase your design preferences and pick a piece that will wow your friends.

A fireplace, or an antique piece, or a large screen LED TV can serve as a focal point. Make sure that the focal points should not exceed the limit, such that it seems that the items are competing with each other for becoming the cynosure of all eyes. Each room should have one focal point, thus creating a balance.

The Accessories

I said in the previous lines that the furniture is the attire, and now I am telling that the accessories are the ornaments which beautify the room. The curtains, the cushions, carpets, or the rugs, the accent pieces, all these are the accessories. The fabric of the curtains and the mats can define the texture of the room. The curtains can be of cotton or linens, and you can make them complementary to the walls.

The carpets can cover the floors, but not entirely. The level to floor carpets is tough to clean. So, the carpets can just include a few portions of the stories and exposing the shiny tiles or the marble floors in the rest of the space.

The cushions make the sofa more comfortable and cozy. If the sofa is five sitters, then keep the maximum of seven cushions. If the room is small and the sofa is three sitters, then place just three cushions. The curtains must touch the floors, can have the tie backs, to make it look awesome when they are not in use, like in the morning when you allow the sunlight to enter the room.

The antique piece, like an antique hookah stand, can be placed beside the sofa. Do not leave the tabletop bare, keep some accent pieces, even a vase of fresh flowers will do. If the walls are bare, then hang some paintings or posters. I will discuss this point in the later paragraphs.

Let There Be Light

The light can balance the ambiance of the room to a great extent. Install a long lampshade beside the sofa, which can serve the purpose of reading light as well.

You can hang chandeliers down the ceiling to add a classic flavor. The floor lights, the concealed ceiling lights are just perfect for a drawing-room.

The Walls And The Floors

These two factors will show you a unique overview of defining the space. The walls and the floors attract most of the attention as they are the ones who capture the majority of the visual space. Let the walls go with some nude and neutral shades, like off white.

Then you will have enough scope to experiment with the accessories and the furniture. Leave the ceiling white. The floors can be wooden, marble or tiles or granite. I prefer marble the most though. White marbles are just exotic. But the tiles are good too, they are shiny and can be cost-effective. Keep the walls and floors in nude shades.

Treat them as a blank canvas where you will brush colorful strokes with accessories and all.

Just like the carpets are there for covering up the bare floors, you can also hang some items to cover up the bare walls. You can hang a hand-drawn classic painting like that of Van Gogh or Monet, or go with some contemporary art. Moreover, you can select posters, colorful ones, considering that the walls are nude. You can also hang family photos framed in a simple way.

Add Some Life To The Area

Amidst all the lifeless objects and concrete, embrace Mother Nature. Add some potted plants in the corners of the room, or you can also place a fishbowl with a pair of golden fishes if you are running short of space and budget. Some life is always beautiful.

If you have a lawn, then you can lose the opaque wall on the side of the lawn. And install transparent glass on one side, so that the lawn is visible clearly.

A Rhythm

Last but not the least, rhythm has to be omnipresent. There can be no melody in chaos. Arrange the items in proper order, so that they all tune together. You can imagine a center point, and around it arrange all the other items. This is known as a radical symmetry where the entire room is arranged surrounding a point. You can also alter the order of the items if you want to give it a fresh look.

A Giant Couch

The right couch or sofa will be the focal point of any dream living room. When it comes to selecting your couch color, it is tempting to want to go bold and big. After all, this is the piece that everyone is going to be sitting on– and looking at. But do not forget that this will be one of the biggest investments in your home because good couches aren’t cheap and you are going to want to love it for the years to come.

Neutral colors will give you the flexibility to change the room without having to buy a new couch. All you need is new throw pillows and you can make your couch work with any theme. When it comes to the shape, just try to strike a balance between classic and interesting, so you choose a design that has staying power. We love a good, square sectional sofa or one that invites you to plop down.

Wall Art

Wall art in your living room gives you an opportunity to really let your personality shine and also have some fun! You might want to add an open and bright feel to your living room space. If that’s the case, then an oversized mirror is the right thing to place on one of the prominent walls. It will reflect light, thus making space feel brighter and also will add an interesting design element.

If you want to add some personal flair, the living room is the perfect place for a gallery wall. Along with that, you can also add:

  • Art that you truly love, like photos with some personal meaning or paintings your kids made in class.
  • Something that is thought-provoking, like an abstract art piece, a mounted sculptural element, or black and white photos.
  • A large wall painting to anchor the layout. But if there is no single piece that you want to spotlight, consider adding a floating ledge to serve as the anchor.

If you are looking for art for your living room, do not settle just because you feel like you need something on the walls. Wait until something really speaks to you. Remember, you are working to create your dream living room! Being surrounded by the art you really love will make your dream living room a truly enjoyable place to spend time.

A Comfortable Chair

Yes, a big couch is key in every living room. But what about, when you want a little more space for yourself? A big, cozy chair is an ideal place to curl up and grab the alone time. Along with that, it is a great addition to the living room. As you know not every guest wants to sit side-by-side with a stranger – or maybe even a close friend. You can add an accent pillow and a cozy throw and you have created an inviting addition to your dream living room.

A Memorable Coffee Table

No living room can be complete without a catchy coffee table where you can place books, decor, and drinks. In our dream living room, the coffee table itself serves as a piece of decor. So go beyond the basics and look for a coffee table that will add a level of interest to your space.

Final Words

In my opinion, one of the most important factors that you should keep in mind is to define a style as well as possible and plan very well everything you’d like to add to your design before starting to make it happen. So the above-mentioned points are the excellent choices that have no match. Therefore, these ideas are worthy so try out them according to your living area to generate an aggressive look.

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