Solfeggio frequencies – How Can They Benefit Your Life

One often hears people talk about how healing music can be. In ancient times, many cultures revered music for its therapeutic benefit, using instruments to bring about states of healing. 

Despite this, when people first hear about the solfeggio frequencies, a frequent response is skepticism or denial. In modern times, scientific studies have proven these properties and the benefits are slowly being acknowledged by society. 

The History

Solfeggio frequencies were derived from Gregorian chanting, the monophonic sacred song of the Roman Catholic Church. The chants used the 12-ton scale, and were a tonal, harmonic kind of singing that was performed with no musical structure. The Solfeggio frequencies are supposedly present in 150 different Gregorian chants. 

Dr. Joseph Puleo discovered and studied the solfeggio frequencies in the 1970s. He deciphered the 6 repeating codes within the chanting by using a numerical formula to redefine what we understood about the music.  

Today, these natural remedy frequencies are used for meditation in various practices and are said to raise your vibration.

The Benefits

All the frequencies are believed to create positive healing energy within the listener, eliminating all negative energies. They allow you to connect more deeply with your higher self and release emotional blockages along the way. 

People who listen to these frequencies report having better focus, feeling relaxed, and having increased creativity. Others might cry, as underlying worries or upsets are brought to the surface, a natural outcome of the release of negative energy.

So, let’s look at the properties of the individual frequencies. 

174hz is the lowest of the 9 tones. It is used to relieve pain and leaves the organs of the body feeling secure, safe and loved. This allows your body to perform in its best, natural state.

285hz is useful in the healing of minor wounds, burns and damaged tissue. It is said to rejuvenate cells and aid in the healing of damaged organs. It is a good frequency to play in the workplace, as it promotes a positive energy in the space. 

396hz is used to penetrate deeper into the self and remove feelings of guilt, fear, and grief, which are recognized by healers as the main blockages to reaching our full potential. 396hz is useful for grounding, returning to reality and fueling your goals.

417hz cleanses the aura of traumatic experiences and negative influences. It can be like rebooting the mind and body, altering the way you think and reducing bad habits.

528hz is used by healers to repair DNA to its “original” state. Known as the Love Frequency, the result is finding inner equilibrium, promotion of health and encouragement of transformation. It is used on the solar plexus chakra, which rules over self-esteem.

639hz promotes harmonious relationships with friends and family and encourages communication and tolerance.

741hz rids the body and environment of any toxins. It is also useful for problem solving, intuition for when you want to do things like buy crypto currency and mental clarity.

852hz dissolves stagnant energy from overthinking. It can be used for inner strength and self-realization. 

963hz awakens you to the perfect state of being and connects to the highest form of your true nature. It promotes deeper connection to the spiritual world. 

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