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Amy Slaton is a famous American YouTuber specializing in makeup and food-related videos alongside her sister Tammy Slaton. Besides that, they are well-known for making comedy content. In a short time, they have gathered an immense amount of fans. They came in the spotlight when the sister duo appeared on the TLC show, 1000-Lb Sisters.

Amy Slaton — Age, Birthday, Family, Nationality

 An American citizen Amy Slaton was born in her hometown of Dixon, Kentucky, in 1987. Her birthday falls on October 28 of every year. She is also named Twilightqueen. Ammy is 33 years old right now. The name of her father is quite a mystery. Well, her mother is Darlene, who remarried Frank Star. She has a sister(Tammy Slaton) and a brother(Chris Combs). Amy’sAmy’s grandmother raised both in Dixon. Both sisters have a variety of health disorders, including diabetes, heart disease, and high blood pressure.

Slaton Sisters

Gain Weight, Surgery

Amy and Tammy have faced numerous ups and downs in the quest to lose weight. In contrast, their mother was a working woman to meet both ends, and their grandmother brought them up. After the death of their grandmother, they started eating packaged or junk food since her mother didn’t have enough spare time to prepare healthy meals for them. Both started gaining weight, and the frequent obesity led to many health issues, such as chronic diabetes and heart problems. Amy Slaton’sSlaton’s weight loss journey includes: After weight loss surgery in season one, she gave birth to a child at the end of season two. In reality, Amy Salton only weighed around 406 lbs, while Tammy weighed 605lbs (274kgs). Their combined was 1000lbs(454kgs) at the time of TLC reality weight-loss show “1000-lb Sisters”( 2020)

YouTube content creators

The Slaton sister came to the public on YouTube, but most people did not know that this online personality had a Youtube channel alongside her sister before gracing reality television. Their first video was “New Slaton sister vlog.” ” They earned immense popularity after posting their video entitled “Chubby bunny challenge.”The content of their videos includes makeup tutorials, DIYA, and comedy-based videos. The Slaton sisters’ career rose to prominence after the TLC reality weight-loss show “1000-lb Sisters”( 2020). 

Married Lives of the Slaton Sisters

Amy married Michael Halterman on March 15, 2019, in Nashville, Tennessee. He is a mill operator for Shamrock Technologies. At present, they have a baby child named Gage while Tammy is still single.

Slaton Sisters

Amy Slaton Net Worth

She earns approximately $155k per year through her youtube videos.YouTube channel is the source of her massive wealth, and she has also received a Silver play button from YouTube for 100,000 subscribers.

All about the Body Measurements of Amy Salton

Here are the body measurements of this stunning Actress:

  •  Weight: approx 85Kg 
  •  Height: 5 ft 4 in(1.63m)
  •  Shoe Size: 5 Uk
  • Bra Size: 44 C
  • Body Measurement: Not known


Further critical details of Actress


  •  Birthdate: October 28, 1987
  •  Age: 33 years old   
  •  Eye Color: Brown
  • Hair Color: Brown
  • Nationality: American
  •  Religion: Christian
  • Marital Status: Married, Micheal Halterman


    Undoubtedly, she has set a stage with a powerful and inspiring message to value yourself and unplug from others to recharge yourself for the best.

Slaton Sisters


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