Should I wager on all paylines when I play slots?


With larger amounts of paylines available to play with modern slot games, more and more players wonder whether they should wager on every available payline – play here.

Why are paylines important?

Before deciding what to wager, it is important that players fully understand what a payline is when it comes to slot gaming. A slot payline is basically a combination of symbols that players find on the reel that will result in a win.

These combinations can be triggered by spinning the reels. Modern slot games tend to have around twenty five to thirty paylines, however this number can alternate with the Megaways series of slot games offering over 2,000.

lot games did not always offer this amount of paylines, with classic slots usually offering only one or two. Players should try to be strategic when trying to trigger a payline as they may manage to get special bonuses or prizes for hitting certain ones.

Benefits of wagering more

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Sometimes, wagering more is the way to go. Betting more is an option that is certainly not for everybody, as some players will have a smaller budget, however those who take the risk will find that there are many benefits when it comes to wagering more on the paylines.

  1. More to win – A clear advantage that comes from wagering a higher amount is that players will have a much better chance of winning big. This is because the players have put more at stake, they would not be able to win a similar amount if they staked a lower amount.
  2. More exciting – There is no denying that slot games become a lot more enthralling when players wager more. Each spin is incredibly exciting as players may be about to win a large cash amount, or lose it all! Wagering more cash on each payline simply makes the game more exciting to play, it truly becomes edge of your seat action.

Why you should be careful

There is no denying that wagering more cash can lead to bigger wins, it is even more fun thanks to the increased amount of excitement that comes with it. However, players should always be cautious when wagering on all available paylines, for a variety of reasons.

  • Games become more high risk – With much more at stake, players will suddenly find that they have much more to lose. High stake games are great fun, as long as you keep winning. Players should be aware that there is a chance of losing some serious money by playing this way.
  • Smaller bankroll means shorter games – Your slot gaming experience will suddenly become a lot shorter when using this type of strategy, particularly when you have a smaller bankroll. It may be best to play another way if you don’t have much cash to work with.

Final Thoughts

Players should wager on all available paylines if they have the budget to back it up, it can lead to some very short slot gaming experiences otherwise.

Rachel Crib
Rachel Crib
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