Shaft Drive on Electric Bike? Is there any Good than Chains?



If you only have experienced the regular bike, then you better start thinking about the latest e-bike with chainfree design, you will be thrilled to know that it comes with a special way to change gears and ensures that you will have easy and smart experience when commuting.

Shaft drive e-bike is not common to see while you can meet them at Honbike. The brand introduces the patented Monotork Shaft Drive system for its top foldable electric bike HF01, which remains one of the prototypes with no chain to transmit the movement from the pedals to the rear wheel. The same energy transmission comes from the rod close to the pedals and internal electric motor. Riders love to get the idea they can get anywhere using their bikes, and Honbike is the perfect means of transportation to give them that opportunity.

Let’s elaborate more on the Honbike shaft drive technology and what it has to offer to people who decide to invest their money to get it. After all, commuting in the city center could be relatively tricky for people who don’t know where to park their car. So it’s better to adopt the shaft drive technology of the Honbike to ensure that you will get to work on time no matter what the traffic conditions could be on the roads.

Shaft Drive Offers Better Control

Many people believe that without the chain control of the bike, riders would have substantially less stability when going to their ride. However, that is not true since the Monotork shaft drive system has an easy way to change the gears smoothly without affecting your course. Riders will find it easy to change the gears from the steering wheel without having to remove their hands from it and check elsewhere on the bike. It’s one of the best advantages of creating a movement toward the Honbike technology that has taken the market by storm.

Everyone likes to have a shaft drive technology that changes as the terrain changes. When you drive a Honbike, you feel as if you were alone on the road, and give you directions to the bike without any effort.

You Get the Hill Start Assist System

Another advantage of the shaft drive would be the hill start assist system, which is also advanced. For ages, riders used to have issues with their grip when being on the hills since that only depended on the condition of the tires. Now Honbike can reassure riders that they will have the best assistance when on steep hills in the world and make them feel like their bike is stuck on the track, protecting them from having any disruptions from their initial balance.

With the new shaft drive system, you are free to start moving on the hills anytime without the fear you may lose control of the bike. On the other hand, the shaft drive can allow you to

accelerate to ensure that you will never get stuck on an obstacle that could threaten your well-being on the road. It’s the perfect system every person would love to have on his bike either a Honbike or a regular one.

There is a Tri-Sensor Smart System

When using that smart system you are sure that you cut your acceleration when the speed comes up to 30miles per hour or when you have a 30 degrees angle from the ground. That makes you more secure and safe when running at higher speeds. At the same time it makes you confident that you can easily keep on track when being with other competitors and will end up winning any game you participate in. The tri-sensor system needs less maintenance and has fewer spare parts making you one of the most incredible riders in history. Honbike is the real deal for you and makes you more precise when running on courses with angles and straight lines.

It Comes With a Quick Fold Design

Everyone would like to have a bike that would be easy to store and park when reaching the desired destination. That is the case with Honbike that remains one of the most foldable electric bikes in history. There is the chance to fold it right away when you are on the go and without affecting the integrity of the electric motor. People who run all day using the e-bike from Honbike can also fold it easier using the one button function that makes it easy to fold and unfold it when you want.

There are four easy steps to follow when you want to fold it and you can also do it in less than fifteen seconds that is the highest record time you can have accredited for that kind of e-bikes.

There is Less Maintenance Needed for The Shaft Gearbox

Not to mention that you don’t need as much maintenance for the gearbox as you need with other regular bikes. The gears on the shaft drive box are more elegant and use a highly appreciated and technologically evolved lubricant. That means you will rarely need an inspection in the gearbox and expect it to work efficiently for many years to come. That assurance comes from the manufacturer, who works overtime to ensure that all the gearboxes come sealed to the Honbike customers and make the gear change a new and interesting procedure.

Shaft Drive Is More Convenient For Novice Bike Riders

Finally, novice bike riders would also love the shaft drive because it makes them think about the road, not the gear changes. It’s ideal for all the beginner riders who want to have their

first trips with their Honbike. You will be thrilled to know that Honbike allows riders to have a balanced lesson before they actually get on the road. The bike can guide them toward a better stable position when they are on the bike, and that can make them a lot less stressed about what will happen during real traffic conditions. Honbike is a new revolution that is needed for all beginners.

Rachel Crib
Rachel Crib
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