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The town centre is centred on a lovely central plaza home to the church and other impressive structures. Most cafés, restaurants, stores and facilities are located in the neighbourhoods where you can buy San Pedro de Alcantara property for sale.

A basilica and cemetery from the fourth century and some Roman baths (Las Bóvedas) from the third century are two of Marbella’s most ancient sites that are close by. Both are open to tourists despite being in ruins. One of the most picturesque coastal walks on the Costa del Sol surrounds the beach with a boardwalk that leads to Marbella.

The Roman Baths

The baths were initially found in 1926 and are situated close to the seashore in the Guadalmina urbanisation. They date back to the third century.

Given its proximity to the seaside, the sturdy mortar construction has fared well against time and the elements. The building was constructed around a 9.75-meter-diameter, octagonal patio that was formerly encrypted. The ruins of an octagonal pool that was 1.20 meters deep are parallel to the walls. A circular hall with access to multiple little rooms makes up the upper floor.

The consensus on the crypts is that they were Roman Baths; however other people think they were just massive water storage facilities for the surrounding aqueducts.

La Basilica

In San Pedro, there is a Paleo-Christian (early Christian) church and necropolis called La Basilica de Vega del Mar. It is close to the ocean, right east of the Guadalmina river mouth. Linda Vista is the current name for the region, which was formerly known as Vega del Mar. The Basilica’s distinctive and substantial remnants, including its foundations and proof of the burial place, are presently housed at the location. Items found there were considered significant to Spanish history and are currently on display in Madrid’s National Museum of Archaeology.

Searching for properties for sale in Spain, beautiful southern Spain Malaga with the Costa del Sol south from Marbella to Sotogrande and its 70 golf courses with many historical centres is a place to be seen and visited.

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Rachel Crib
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