Safe One-Night Stand: Everything You Need to Know

One-night stand dating has become a lot more popular in recent years. In the past, many people would only date someone they were interested in marrying or at least wanted to get serious with. But now, singles are open to going on a one-night date with just about anyone who is attractive and shares some of their interests. Meaning people became more open to the concept of having fun without caring too much.

But of course, there are some rules to follow when it comes to casual dating, so let’s take a closer look at the concept of such relationships and how to enjoy casual flings to the fullest.

Some facts about one-night stands

As known, one-night stands are often characterized by physical intimacy without emotional involvement. Those who prefer no strings attached connections find this kind of dating a great way to get what they want without things getting too serious. Some of the most popular ways of finding someone to hook up with are local gathering spots (like clubs, bars, etc.), social media, and dating websites and apps. Today anyone can log in to a dedicated matchmaking platform and find that perfect one-night stand girl seeking someone to have fun with in an hour or so.

Dating sites are considered one of the safest ways of seeking one-night partners for several reasons. First of all, you can choose any platform that caters to your needs, no matter what you are looking for – serious relationships, hookups, friendships, etc. Second, they offer you a safe environment to get to know other people before meeting them in real life, which reduces the risk of bad consequences big time. And last but not least, using dating platforms, you can make use of different features, like filters and geolocation, to make your search even more precise.

Don’t hang yourself with the first person

No matter where you found your one-night stand partner, stop thinking this is your only option. If you choose to be a “casual dater,” then act like it! There are plenty of fish in the sea, and even if things don’t work out the first time, they will eventually if you try again.

Be open and relaxed

One of the most significant rules of one-night dating is to be always open about your intentions. If a woman or man you wanted to hook up with is looking for a serious commitment, you can’t lie to them just to get in their bed. Even though most people do this on a daily basis, you can end up even more hurt than the other person. So be sincere; this trait is always appreciated, no matter the circumstances.

It doesn’t have to be complicated, too. Casual dating is having fun, so why complicate it? If you want to hook up with someone and they agree as well, then do it! If after a few one-nights you feel like there’s nothing between you and you want to stop seeing them, say it! No hurt feelings, no drama – you both knew it wasn’t serious from the very start.

No commitment needed

As has been said, one-night stands are often characterized by physical intimacy without emotional involvement. Meaning when two people engage in such a relationship, there’s no commitment. Of course, if you’re planning to see them once in a while for a night of passion, it’s preferably to discuss boundaries and a few main rules – how often do you want to meet; are you allowed to see other people; if so, should you and they get tested each time before meeting or not, etc.

But if that’s a one-time thing and you don’t want to meet them again (and that was said out loud), you shouldn’t feel guilty for leaving them after everything ended, as well as you can’t demand anything from your partner. You both had fun and got what you wanted; now it’s time to go separate ways.

What are the possible dangers

Even though we said casual dating is all about fun and open-mindedness, unfortunately, there are some downsides. It’s pretty common for one-timers to become serious relationships, and the reasons can differ. It can happen spontaneously; you meet for a one-night stand, but the chemistry between you turns out to be so crazy that you end up falling in love instantly.

Or it happened steadily; you meet them once, then once more, and once more… And then you realize that you start to miss their presence, and you actually are interested not only in their body but personality as well. And it’s awesome if your feelings are mutual, but if it’s only you who ended up catching feelings, it can be pretty painful.

There are also these creepy stories about people getting into the hands of psychos, but that’s when you must make sure to protect yourself from the very beginning when choosing a partner. Meeting someone in a bar or club is fun, but it’s better to approach the issue of choosing a partner seriously. Scroll a few dating platforms first, find a few options, chat with them, get to know them better, and only then arrange a date.

Safe casual dating is completely possible if you take responsibility for your life and dating choices. Use the advice we provided to make sure your one-night stands are not only memorable but safe too!

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