Robert Griffin III Marries College Track Star Grete Šadeiko in Miami


NFL star Robert Griffin III haled out all the stops for his marriage. The NFL star tied the knot with his lady love Grete Šadeiko in Miami in front of over 100 friends on Saturday. The heptathlete from Estonia looked stunning in a white embroidered lace gown with a plunging neckline by developer Berta and earrings by John Damico. Robert was spruce in a bright blue suit with a bow tie. 

They’re wedded! NFL star Robert Griffin III pulled out all the stops for his marriage. They came engaged in May and formerly had a child Gloria who they ate in July.

Griffin also has a child Reese Ann, aged two, whom he shares with his first woman, Rebecca Liddicoat.

On Monday, Robert and Grete took to Instagram to partake in their inconceivable marriage prints from Florida.

 They moved presto. They came engaged in May and formerly had a son Gloria who they ate in July. The football star dipped his new woman as he planted a kiss on her lips. ‘First name Grete and the last name Griffin. However, all I ever liked to be for you was your icon. And it finds out that all along, you were mine,’ he wrote in a caption.

 He also wrote, ‘it is blessed to wake up in the morning knowing that my reality is more acceptable than my dreams.’

 They said ‘I do’ at the W South Beach, and their big day was organized by the marriage diary Tiffany Cook.

 Roses far and wide! Then the bridegroom poses with a confidante who wore pink as they stood in front of an imaged table with roses each over them.

The couple danced to Ed Sheeran’s Perfect and had a four-tiered marriage cutlet with white and pink roses.

 Martha Ramirez of UDS print took the marriage photos.

Griffin III, nicknamed RG3 or RGIII, is an American football quarterback who’s presently a free agent. He played council football at Baylor, where he won the 2011 Heisman jewel. He has played with the Redskins and the Cleveland Browns.



The trial regales. She was looking good in Miami the night before the marriage. When they ate their son in 2017, he took to Instagram to express his joy. 

‘Your mammy is inconceivable! The way she pushed through, delivering you into the world, was the stuff of legend. Veritably put, your mama is a pukka baller,’ he wrote on social media.

 ‘I’m blessed to have your Mommy riding with me as we show each other what real love is, and now we’ve you, our little angel to raise,’ he continued.

 ‘It’s scarce to find commodity real in our world. God is real and has blessed your mammy and daddy beyond our wildest dreams.’

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