Rhinoplasty or nose job: Altering and reconstructing the nose


The nose is very essential in determining one’s personality. With a well-defined nose in place, the entire shape of the face improves. Rhinoplasty is a cosmetic operation that improves the shape of the nose.

It’s also known as nose remodeling or rhinoplasty. The nose’s shape and size can be substantially altered to enhance the face’s features.

Rhinoplasty surgery is primarily done for cosmetic purposes. With the help of rhinoplasty surgery, a mishap or a nose that is too big or too tiny can be corrected.

A nose can become disfigured or crooked as a result of an injury or accident, and this can be rectified through surgery.

Minor respiratory issues can also be treated.  Rhinoplasty in turkey is the best and affordable destination as compared to the other countries.

People with a twisted or abrupt nose may have difficulty breathing, which can lead to difficulty speaking regularly. Rhinoplasty surgery can help these people feel a lot better. Both males and females commonly undergo nose plastic surgery. It comes in third place on the list of the most popular cosmetic procedures. Rhinoplasty can change the shape of the nose by adding or removing bones, cartilage, and tissues, or by undergoing grafting.

The procedure of nose surgery or rhinoplasty:-

The skin, the bony pyramid, the cartilage, and eventually the tip of the nose are all interconnected elements of the nose. The two nostrils are separated by a strip of skin called the columella. The present condition of the nose has a significant impact on the outcome of rhinoplasty surgery. The alteration of the bone structure below the nose may be unappealing to people who have inherited thick skin. People with thin skin, on the other hand, can’t hide too many issues with the symmetry and regularity of the nasal bone.

  • The surgeon will describe the alterations that can be made to the nose during the first several sessions.
  • In this phase, photographs are taken, and the patient’s options for anesthesia, as well as the procedure’s methodology, are discussed.
  • The strategy for nasal reconstruction may differ from one patient to another. Internal rhinoplasty involves cuts that are made from within the nose chamber.
  • Usually, a little sedative is used to numb the area. For a long and demanding procedure, general anesthesia may be used if both the surgeon and the patient agree that it is the best alternative available. In complex cases where the external incision will allow the surgeon to expose the cartilage and bones, a general anesthetic is usually used.
  • The skin is separated from the cartilage and bone support during the nose shaping process. The nose’s structure is now being worked on to give the best form and shape.
  • In many situations, the surgeon uses skin from just above the brow of the patient’s forehead and puts it vertically to replace the missing nasal tissues. The color of the skin on the forehead is the same as the color of the skin on the nose and face. It provides the best rebuilding of the damaged nose, and the skin on the forehead may be readily hidden to restore a normal appearance with a little labor.
  • If more structure is needed for the current bone, donated cartilage, bones, or even skin can be used. It’s also possible to get it from other places of the body. To achieve the goal, an artificial source can also be used.
  • The surgeon will place a splint when the rhinoplasty procedure is completed. With the help of a splint, the new shape of the bones will be maintained. The nose is filled or stuffed with a bandage to enable the septum to be stabilized.

Why choose rhinoplasty in Turkey?

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