Resident Evil Village: Let’s Talk About the Dollmaker Donna Beneviento and Her Tragic Story


When Capcom launched the Resident Evil Village campaign, the main focus was Lady Dimitrescu and her darling daughters. However, fans were soon smitten by some campy characters once they played it. A lot of attention has been drawn here to the Four Lords of the Village and their minions, who stand out. Despite this, a member of the group prefers to live in isolation, in shadows, and even in an otherworldly dreamscape. This is compared to being forced to face the world as it is. Now let’s focus on Donna Beneviento, and let’s see what she says. 

Ethan discovers that the hidden world beyond the village square holds several secrets after defeating the Lady, as mentioned above, D, and her daughters. Ethan took a branching path north of the village, which led him through a progression-locked gate, following a pathway that took him through a Potter’s Field before crossing a rickety suspension bridge that crossed a mountain stream and through what was probably once a lovely garden, but that was unfortunately devoid of all the tombstones and dolls that were hanging from nooses in the branches of the trees. 

Although there are few enemies on your first visit to the estate and its owners’ tragic history, you will uncover a substantial amount of creepy lore here. This is regarding the estate and its owners’ sad past. A fantastic interactive map lets you track all paths and find loot. I want to introduce you to the next Lord of the Village: Donna Beneviento. In the life-sized dollhouse, Ethan finds the next piece of Rosemary that he has been searching for, but then the power cuts out, and the flask, along with all of Ethan’s weaponry and equipment, is lost with it. 

Resident Evil Village

This means that you cannot shoot, heal, or turn back at this point. Is this possible? As well as that, what’s with the giant, gurgling, insatiable fetus chasing you through the depths of the Benevento manor when you’re trying to escape? As you can see, it’s all in your head. As opposed to the other three Lords, Donna Beneviento prefers to remain in the shadows and play head games, both as a method of defending herself and as a means of trapping her victims, for as long as it takes, as a means of both protecting and trapping them. 

This is both a nod to Donna’s deep trauma due to the tragedy that occurred in her family and to the unique powers (and defects) she obtained from Mother Miranda’s Cadou experiment due to the trauma she experienced. As a descendant of the village’s co-founder Berengario, the noble Beneviento has a long history in the town. When Donna was a child, she struggled with anxiety. With her fairy doll, Angie, she could communicate with people by speaking and interacting with them. Before Mother Miranda even entered the picture, Donna faced severe social anxiety. 

In the meantime, things took a turn for the ugly after Mother Miranda chose Bernadette, a family member of the Beneviento family, for her Cadou tests. This experiment resulted in Bernadette’s death, which caused Donna’s parents to commit suicide due to the investigation. As a form of coping with her grief, Donna chooses to stay isolated within the family estate, only talking to the gardener and making dolls as replacements for her dead family members, including Claudia, whose specific relationship with Donna is not confirmed in the game

Donna was also corrupted and transformed by Mother Miranda’s mold parasite at some point during her early adulthood when she was also a young adult. Even though Donna was implanted with the Cadou, she survived. She only suffered a severe facial deformity over her eye due to it. Although she did not undergo any other physical transformation due to the mold, the mold allowed her to secrete a psychoactive substance capable of causing those infected with it to see visions. 

The pollen from the mold-infected flowers also caused hallucinations in those who breathed them in, such as Ethan, when he entered the garden. Even though she was mentally ill and had a deformity on her face, Mother Miranda “adopted” Donna as one of the village Lords, even though Miranda considered her “defective” due to her mental health issues and facial deformity. In-game lore has indicated that Donna used her ability to create visual illusions to allow her gardener to “see his (dead) family again” but also to torture Ethan, attempting to get him to stay in the depths of her mansion forever. 

As the critical puzzle in this area, the Mia doll would seem to be a reminder that Donna’s macabre craftsmanship was integral to the construction of this area. This is especially true if the Mia doll had been in Ethan’s mind all along. There has been some hand-waving regarding Donna Beneviento’s concept stages. As strange as it may sound, Donna Beneviento was initially thought to be more of a ghostly horror movie with a bit of creepy doll possession thrown in for good measure. 

Resident Evil Village

There is a difference between the original Japanese version and the English localization as well, with the former blaming a facial scar (which is not shown, or not painted, in Donna’s portrait with Angie) for Donna’s aloofness. In contrast, the latter blames Donna’s isolation on the suicide of her parents. However, ultimately the final execution gives Resident Evil Village and its fans one of the franchise’s creepiest, most unforgettable encounters.

Donna could divide her Cadou into many dolls (not just Angie) to control them in the same way she would hold her psychic puppets in case the hallucinations weren’t enough to beat Ethan (even if players were putting the controller down and walking away). Ethan collected a crystallized form of Donna as a valuable item instead of a crystallized form of Donna herself. Donna was eventually defeated and split by Ethan. Het. He ultimately defeated Cadou and split it. 

Ethan eventually defeats Donna by beating her and breaking it. It is said that Donna disappears upon defeat, much like the ghostly figures from Japanese folklore that were the inspiration for her original design. Resident Evil Village and its boss battles have come to an end. This brings to an end one of the most creepy sequences in the game so far. Now that we have the opportunity to add to our very own collection of Donna and Angie Funko Pop dolls, we have to wait for the inevitable release of the dolls.

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