Ralphie May Left all the Tangible Property for his wife Lahna Turner


Ralphie May has left his personal effects to his wife, Lahna Turner. In the documents, the comedian revealed that all the tangible property was left to his spouse, in which furniture, silver, paintings, automobiles, and clothes included.

The Amu Schumer star passed away on 6th October in Las Vegas, Nevada. The comedian and executor of his estate will get the rest residue and remainder of May’s estate. According to the blast reports, Ralphie May changed his mind three times on custody of his two children before his wife’s death.

The couple filed for divorced in 2015 but never finalized until his death. Meanwhile, in the documents, it was cleared that May’s two children should have extensive visitation with her grandparents.

ralphie may wife

TMZ also revealed earlier this week, Clark County Coroner John Fudenberg Ralphie May’s death was caused due to hypertensive cardiovascular disease and continuous weight gain. The weight was a major contributor to his death instead of drugs and alcohol.

He was found dead at his private residence after performing on stage at Harrah’s in Vegas. Moreover, he was known as the best comedian and had been battling pneumonia for six weeks. He had been forced to cancel some tours because of his illness.

ralphie may wife

ralphie may wife

Ralphie May Wife, Lahna, filed for divorce in 2015 after being married for ten years. Just before two days ago of his death, he has crowned Casino comedian of the year at the Global Gaming Expo in Vegas.

Judi Marmel, the manager of May, told TMZ, “he was also my friends, and I will miss his laugh, generosity to fellow comedians, his trademark orneriness, and his enormous love of life. He left us entirely too soon, and we can wonder where his comedy might be taken all of us.

Well, we send love and prayers for his family, fans, and all the comics who shared stages with him all around the world. Ralphie May’s wife, Lahna Turner, daughter and son, is surviving without him.

ralphie may wife

The official reason for death was hypertensive cardiovascular disease, and his weight considers the contributing factor of death.

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